Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter landscape around the gallery

We really do experience the seasons here in Western Maine, although sometimes during the winter months it feels like summer will never arrive. But we enjoy the slower pace of winter, of getting out and skiing in our very own backyard, of cooking up a delicious meal, and stoking that fire. Then soon enough the snow will melt and we will welcome back all of our summer friends!

As some of you may know- here's the view from our gallery! Looks a bit different with all the snow!!! Although we haven't had quite the winter as last year, there is always the chance for those unexpected storms!

And another view from our gallery!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Matching wedding bands, a custom order.

Another great story in our little series!

Since being told to join etsy this past fall, we have enjoyed the new connections and people that the crafting community has introduced us to! We love working with couples in designing the perfect piece for their engagement or wedding, so Harvest Gold and etsy feels like a perfect match!

Anyway, so one day we received a phone call from a couple who was vacationing in the Caribbean. They had found us online and were so delighted becomes it turns out when they weren't on vacation, they lived relatively close! Oh the power of the internet.

So when they returned they stopped by and we discussed making our mountain range ring for them. Instead of our original yellow gold mountain range on the rose gold band, they opted for a white mountain range instead. The color combination is realy striking and we think they turned out splendidly if we do say so ourselves! Their rings are pictured above. click here for etsy click to the item.

They live near the mountains and were in fact married near them, so it was only fitting that the eternal symbol of the mountains became their own symbol.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A CHARMING custom order!

We recently had a woman come to us with her grandmother's vintage charm bracelet. On it hung a charm of she and her brother from when they were children. Now that the bracelet is hers she wanted to add new charms of her own children. So sweet, adding on to a family heirloom with something of your own.

So we made identical charms of the exisiting ones and above is the result. You can see the original charms are at the bottom and the new ones by Harvest Gold are at the top. Next we will attach them to the gold bracelet.

*We Love sharing the stories behind the jewelry we make and plan to bring you many more.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All wrapped up!

As part of our etsy redo for the new year, we have been taking pictures of all the little details, and those deatils include our gift wrapping. And of course we wanted to share these pictures with you!

As jewelers it's only right to finish off a lovely piece of jewelry with a beautiful presentation! That's why each piece comes neatly packaged in a protective pouch in our signature box along with a card telling you all about our story. And if you order any one of our tree of life pieces, we include the poem my husband wrote about this ancient symbol.

Could we make gift giving any easier!? lol

2 hearts beat as 1!

For your Valentine perhaps our darling heart pendant lovely and simple in shiny silver! Looks great added to other charms or a cluster of garnets!

New pictures for Etsy

We are gradually taking new pictures to upgrade our etsy shop and above are two new examples of many more to come! We realized that in order to boost our sales we needed to take a few more steps. Hence this blog, our new twitter account, and now new pictures. Looking back it seems silly that we didn't include pictures of our jewelry on fingers, etc! We also want to better merchandise our shop with a variety of different backgrounds for each piece of jewelry but all with a similiar feel- classic, simple and elegant all in one!

Let us know what you think of these new pictures!


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