Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Anniversary, Harvest Gold Gallery!

This Christmas Eve marks our 19th anniversary in the old Severence Real Estate building. On Bill and Lynda's 15th wedding anniversary they moved their tools and opened a new workshop and gallery space here in Center Lovell.

Bill & Lynda at their Annual Open House this November

Here, they set to work as two of Santa's Elves, making the beautiful jewelry we have all grown to know and love.

Pinkham Notch: Maine Tourmaline and
Yellow Gold Ring by Lynda.
One of Bill's original Presidential Rage flexible
White and Rose Gold Bracelets.

As their jewelry collections grew, so did the quantity of artwork on the walls of the gallery. Today we feature more than 200 American artists. As the Holiday Season continues, we hope you stop by to celebrate 19 years with us! We'd love to share our creations with you. 

Harvest Gold Gallery: located on Route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pick 5 Gold Earrings

 I picked 5 earring designs that are classic and up to date and easy to wear for this blog post.
This new design was inspired, as most are, by my customer who wanted the dragonflies to be dancing in pairs.  How lovely is that!
 Bill has really figured out the self locking earring.  With his work hardened spring gold design these are styles are great for people don't want to fuss with earnuts but want security.
 Mirrored 3/4 wavey channel posts compliment her cheek bones and her smile.
 Classic and timeless.  What else is there to say?
 New for the season Rose Gold!  Love these moon and star twinkling in rose gold.
Stop by when you are in beautiful downtown Center Lovell over looking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains and always on the web!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sterling and Leather

As the fall colors are fading we are bringing back some of the summer sun with our nature-inspired sterling silver and leather pieces! We were lucky to have the lovely Arianna modeling for us. 

Sterling Silver Loon and Island on Kezar Lake Earrings
(Click caption to view on our website!)

Sterling Silver Quiet Night Leather Cuff
Sterling Silver Dragonfly Leather Cuff

These whimsical leather cuffs remind us of late summer and calm canoe rides on the lake at dusk with the dragonflies whizzing and the moon rising over the mountains and trees.

This beautiful necklace is a delicate yet bold statement.  

Sterling Silver Feathered Flair Necklace

We can almost feel the ocean breeze after looking at this adorable whale cut out! 

Whale Pendant in Sterling Silver on a Leather Chain
(Click caption to view on our website!)
Sterling Silver Whale Earrings
Keeping summer in our minds as we wait for the first winter snowfall, stop by and join us any day of the week! We are on Route 5 in the White Mountains overlooking Kezar Lake in Lovell, Maine.

Friday, November 27, 2015

80th Birthday Present

I was honored to be included in a very special 80th birthday present.  Can you guess which one I made?!  Love my job!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy November!

Happy November from a new Harvest Gold blogger, Ariel! I have just joined the gallery team and can’t wait to get posting. As a senior at Fryeburg Academy it is high time I dip my toes into the pool of life and I couldn’t imagine finding a better place to do that than with Lynda and Bill. My childhood has been filled with artistic influences and I am so grateful and excited for those influences to grow and expand along with me. This past Saturday I worked at my first craft fair with Lynda and Molly at Lake Region High School. We had a blast getting to know each other and I even got the chance to do a bit of modeling.


These two photos feature the Quiet Night Cutout Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold paired with a Dragonfly Cutout Ring in Sterling Silver, enhanced beautifully by the gorgeous pine background.



And in these last two, I’m wearing a combination of Chevron Midi Rings, Intertwined: Braided Rings, and First Kiss: Stackable Rings in white and rose gold-- my personal favorite.

I’m having so much fun learning the ropes and look forward to writing on the blog again soon!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Color at Harvest Gold

 What a lovely fall season we have had so far.  The loons are mostly  gone now with only a few leaves left on the trees.
 Watermelon tourmaline set in white gold the birthstone for October.
 Upcycled diamonds from Grandmother's past in wearable stackable  yellow gold.
 Blackberries are long gone as well, but remembered in these fun glass salt and peppers.
 There is something about dragonflies.  People love them.
 I just can't get enough of these tourmaline colors!
 Beads and carvings, this gem is most versatile!

 Nathan's glasses are the best.  Add color everyday.

 And back to trees.  Feeling blessed to live in such a beautiful land.
Inspired the Tree of Life Collection.
Open daily.  Stop in when you are in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Craig Riches at Harvest Gold!

Hello from Harvest Gold!

We were so excited to welcome back Alabama artist Craig Riches to the gallery this summer. Craig is a longtime friend and featured artist here at Harvest Gold. If you have visited our gallery before you are sure to have seen his mesmerizing twirling wind sculptures in and around our store.

Craig immersed himself into the world of sculpting after needing a break from his music career over 15 years ago. He began working with copper, hammering and sculpting the material into kinetic shapes that take on a life of their own when combined with the gentlest of breezes. The response to his art was immediate, after only two weeks of sculpting he found himself being asked to display his art in three galleries. Since then his talents have evolved into a full time career and include work in wire, concrete, and water fountains.

There is something very philosophical in Craig's designs, and after spending just a little bit of time with him it becomes easy to see that his art reflects his personality. "The hardest thing for me, is to START something, but yet, after I do, the PATHWAY has always provided the many insights that have, over the years, shaped my fundamental view of the world. Ideals like quality and grace and balance, the ability to listen and feel, have all come in due course, as my path  has created an ever growing connection with the universe." Those ideals of quality, grace and balance are unarguably present in Craig's art, and we are honored to have him as a part of our gallery.

When Craig originally brought his designs to us at Harvest Gold Gallery, Lynda and Bill shared a common interest in the flow and movement of the shapes that create his sculptures. Their original earring designs have a similar structure, and although they don't spin in the wind, the earrings give off a feeling of movement much like Craig's sculptures. This similarity gave the three an instant connection, and many talks of technique and artistry laid the foundation for a longtime friendship.

This year Craig brought some stunning new creations that you will find adorning our front yard, as well as a new stock of the designs he has been creating for years. He also brought his lovely friend Cheryl who we were so happy to meet. This was Cheryl's first trip to the Northeast, and she seemed amazed with her surroundings here (minus the mosquitos). She graced us with her true southern charm, and we were happy to show her the beauty that is Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.

Stop By Harvest Gold Gallery and see Craig's work in person!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Increase in Demand for Jean Swan Gordon Paintings

Hello from Harvest Gold!

We have an update for all of our customers regarding our collection of original Jean Swan Gordon paintings.

With the ever-growing popularity of Mrs. Gordon's beautiful paintings, we have been advised by her family that by Labor Day there will be a price increase to help keep up with that demand. 
Jean's paintings are among our very favorite here in the gallery, with their bold colors and beautiful lines. Each one invokes a strong sense of season and emotion, as Mrs. Gordon drew and painted flowers from her own gardens here in New England. 
There will be an $800 increase on the medium size (33"x26") paintings, and on the larger size (48"x34.5") the increase will be between $800 and $3000, depending on the painting. Lynda has already adjusted the prices on our website, but during the next 10 days we are offering our customers the original listing price. 
Stop by the gallery today to take another look at Jean's beautiful work, while it's still here. There are only a number of paintings left in her collection, and with the current popularity and demand we feel it safe to say that they won't be here for long. 
Over the years we have had many of Jean Swan Gordon's paintings in our gallery. We are grateful for having the opportunity to enjoy and share her art with numerous others. If you are as in love with these paintings as we are, don't wait.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

Hello from Harvest Gold!

We are at the height of our beautiful summer here at the gallery, and embracing it, as we know of the chilly changes that lurk right around the corner. We've heard more than one customer comment this week how we are in the midst of "the dog days of summer". Why do we refer to this time as such? Is it because our dogs are so happy that they get to swim in the lake every afternoon?

"No, that's MY stick!"

In fact the 'Dog Days' of summer is an expression that derives from the early civilizations in North Africa. The weather turned hot and sultry coinciding with the rising every morning of the Orion's dog, the dog star Sirius. This association can also be traced to the Egyptians, and was recorded in early Greek poetry. 

Our Smiling Lab Earrings & Pendant in Sterling Silver

Our dogs are loving this weather. Between long naps under shady trees, trips to the ocean, picking green beans in the garden & chasing sticks into the lake, these pups have it made.

Scout and Morgan cooling off at Screw Auger Falls

Captain keeping cool in the air conditioned gallery with his moose friend

Scout enjoying the view while chewing on a stick

"What do you MEAN I had too many green beans?"

This past weekend while we were at the Rockland Maine Boats Homes & Harbors show we got to meet some of the amazing folks with the Pixel Fund, the non-profit organization that brought us our Scout all the way from Georgia back in February. The World Championship Boatyard Dog trials are held at this event every year, and a returning favorite is none other than Pixel himself, the brave little chihuahua that inspired the creation of the Pixel Fund. We had a nice visit with Scout's Maine foster family, and Scout absolutely loved the oceanside dog park in Rockland. 

The joy of a salty dog...

Stop by the gallery and see Captain & Scout enjoying these dog days of summer. 

How do your pups beat the heat this time of year?

For more information on the Pixel Fund, visit their website thepixelfund.org


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