Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Real Maine Weddings Winner


                                        What a beautiful fall morning at Harvest Gold Gallery! 

Good Morning All! 
I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself as the newest addition to the Harvest Gold Gallery!  My name is Dianna.  I am overjoyed at the opportunity to work with Bill and Lynda in their utterly breathtaking Gallery, deceiving to the unseen eye, the gallery houses over 200 American Artists with 7 viewing rooms to explore. Did I mention the Welcoming committee!? 
The Welcoming Committee :)
My first day was quite surreal, I had the pleasure of meeting the radiant bride-to-be Tara, winner of the Real Maine Wedding of 2014! We were one of Tara's first stops to pick up her bridesmaids jewelry on her way to her destination wedding and might I just say, I couldn't Imagine a sweeter, more deserving Bride-to-be, just beautiful! We helped her pick out some additional gifts for her bridesmaids with a little help from our beloved "Cappy" (pictured above)
Tara picking out Bridesmaids Gifts
Making sure it is PERFECT! :-)
Bill and Lynda with Real Maine Wedding Winner Tara

Real Maine Wedding 2014 Bride-to-be, Tara picking up her Jewelry and Gifts from Harvest Gold Gallery

It was such a Joy meeting you Tara, I hope your day was as beautiful as you! Enjoy your honeymoon and take lots of pictures!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Restoration of Dr. Alonzo Garcelon Gold Capped Walking Stick

This cane came to us in two pieces with dust and dents.  We worked with hand tools to refurbish it to it's previous beauty.  The craftsmanship is amazing! 
Shown above is a 14k gold capped walking stick originally owned by Dr. Alonzo Garcelon. It was gifted to him upon retirement from the American Medical association 1903. The inscription reads:
Dr. Garcelon
From the members of the
Board of Trustees
Portrait of Dr. Alonzo Garcelon (courtesy Maine State Museum)

Dr. Garcelon served as Maine's General surgeon during the Civil war and later went on to become the Governor of Maine in 1879 serving two terms. His son Charles Garcelon built the large white house, known as The Garcelon Mansion, on Kezar lakes upper bay. 

A piece like this is highly collectable, luckily this beauty remains in the family and is now owned by Alonzo’s great great grandson who is a local of the Lovell area. We restored  the cap of this 111 year old cane to look good as new after it had remained in storage for several years. We must say Jim looked quite dapper on his way out of the gallery!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tom Merriam, Lovell Artist

Harvest Gold Gallery Proudly Presents 

The paintings of Thomas Merriam

Merriam is a self-taught artist whose paintings reflect his roots as a Maine native. White growing up in the woodlands of North Berwick and along the shorelines of York Harbor, he developed a keen appreciation for the wonders of nature and wildlife and a heartfelt sense of American history.

As an apprentice to George Carpenter, the last surviving member of the Whiskey Water Color Association, Merriam received a unique grounding in a technique which he continues to build on even now. He was trained to use whiskey in the winter as a wash so his brushes would not freeze, allowing him to paint outside in almost any weather. Merriam also learned to work fast to catch the nuances of light in a scene and other atmospheric conditions before it changed or faded. Intricate details in his paintings offer a visual experience that tells a story, evokes memories and stores feelings in the viewer.

Harvest Gold Gallery displays a wide collection of Thomas Merriam's framed oil and watercolor paintings.  For more information about the artist and his work, as well as that of the more than 200 other American artists and craftspeople represented at Harvest Gold Gallery, please call 207-925-6502, visit us online at, or better yet, stop by in person. We're open daily and located on Route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine overlooking beautiful Kezar Lake.

“If in this place we can find 
inspiration and true love, 
our passion becomes an 
effort and achievement of 
astounding proportions, 
with an energy worth 
causing pause, notice and 
admiration. With this great 
passion and talent, it is 
the goal to create that 
which others want and to 
an artist’s gratitude you 
shall possess a humble 
portion of us. I am so 
pleased that you have 
stopped here to look upon 
the world within me that I 
have created to share with 
you. May God bless you.” 
– Thomas Merriam

A fun day was had by all at our watching Tom work his magic in just a few hours!


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