Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nathan Macomber Blown Glass

Nathan Macomber first blew glass at Mass College of Art in 1995. His education in glass continues and includes classes at the Corning Museum of Glass, The Penland School of Arts and Crafts, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and a self designed B.A. in glass from Prescott College which he received in 1999.

Nathan has not only taken numerous classes and workshops, he has also taught dozens of individuals in private lessons, as a co-instructor for Prescott College, and has served as a T.A. and instructor for The Corning Museum of Glass and Snowfarm- New England Craft.

Nathan spent the first seven years of his career working in Prescott, Arizona, where he helped build and manage a glass blowing studio.

 In the Spring of 2002, he bought his family's old farm in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. There, he has set up his own private studio where he can be found almost everyday blowing glass, metal working, teaching, or maintaining the hundred year old farm which has been in his family since 1949.
Nathans line of Blown Glasses have been running out of the shop and currently we only have 3 of these wonderful glasses left! But don't worry, we have more on the way, plus a wide variety of nathans glass spiders, bowls, and outdoor and indoor art ! Here at Harvest Gold Galler in Lovell, we invite you to visit and view the selection of Nathans work we have in the Gallery along with many other local artists. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Surprise! We're having a wedding!

Last Friday, here at Harvest Gold Gallery we hosted a "surprise" magical wedding. A wonderful couple and their family came by earlier that day and asked if they could get 2 rings, a person to marry them, and our beautiful wedding destination for that afternoon. 

Luckily, we were able to find Alison, and we got to work with a fun and joyous wedding to plan! 
That afternoon this beautiful couple with their baby on the way got married here at Harvest Gold Gallery in Center Lovell. 

Lynda made this young couple a beautiful set of rose gold wedding bands. He chose rose center with white gold rims soldered together to become one solid ring.  She choose a rose gold band textured like tree bark with 2 narrow rose gold beaded bands for a total of three.  She can wear together or seperately.  These bands are made with love and to last, just like their love for one another. 

Family rejoiced in this couple's love and commitment, and were a strong support team through this new step in their lives. 

If you are interested in having a Harvest Gold Gallery Wedding, want to purchase wedding bands or gifts, please visit our Gallery on Rt. 5 in Center Lovell Maine, or explore your options online with our Gallery Website. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Robin Taylor-Chiarello's new book, "It Only Takes One Friend"

Harvest Gold Gallery is pleased to announce the new book by Robin Taylor-Chiarello.  "It Only Takes One Friend"

"It Only Takes One Friend" follows the story of Little Chief, a young bison who is chosen to replace a retiring elder bison at Beech Hill Farm and Bison Ranch. Little Chief is unsure about leaving his friends and moving to a new place. To his surprise he is warmly greeted by a friendly chicken named Abigail Frizzle, and quickly learns that it only takes one friend to make you feel at home.

The book is dedicated to a young handicapped friend of Robin's who just recently had to move to a new school.  She combined his story with the story of the Beech Hill Farm's new herd Bison and puppy to create a fun story with good lessons for all.

“Robin has been a primary school art and art history teacher and has enjoyed a 20-year career designing health care environments. She is an alumnus of Finch College and Harvard Graduate School of Design and has held memberships in the International Interior Design Association and American Institute of Architects.
She loves creating multicultural children’s environments and recently designed a collection of African-inspired borders and murals for Hearts of the Father Children’s Orphanage in Ghana.
She is a past president of United Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey and was appointed to the Office of the Public Advocate for the Developmentally Disabled for handicapped housing by former New Jersey Governor, Brendan Byrne.
She resides in Chatham, New Jersey and Center Lovell, Maine with her husband, Robert, and dog, Taxi.”
Robin Taylor-Chiarello ~ Author, Teacher, Speaker. The Peppertree Press, LLC. 

For more information on Robins book “It Only Takes one Friend” or to purchase a copy of her books, please visit us at Harvest Gold Gallery, located on Route 5 in Center Lovell Maine, Open Daily.
Contact us Phone: 925-6502 or Email:

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Craig Riches and his Hypnotic Sculptures

From the Gulf of Alabama, Craig Riches came all the way to Harvest Gold Gallery in Center Lovell, ME  to share his Handmade Copper Kinetic Sculptures. 
With 15 years of creativity, Craig Riches has mastered the art of scuplting and is here to share his talent with the public. 15 years ago at his home in Tennessee, Craig needed a break from his music career and out of the blue felt a random compulsion to create sculptures. With no previous artistic background or training, within 2 weeks of sculpting Craig was already in 2 or 3 galleries across the country. With food as his motivation, his vision for  sculpting was rapidly growing until one day he found himself selling in almost 50 galleries throughout the country. 

Craigs sculptures or "turbines" catch the wind and spin in hypnotic motions that always sooth and intrigue its viewer. The Copper is treated with various patinas and are hand etched with a variety of custom designs. Constantly experimenting with his designs, Craig has been known to spray his sculptures with Miracle grow and to soak the copper in ammonia to achieve the desired affect he wants.

Craig not only creates Kinetic Copper Sculptures such as the ones displayed at Harvest Gold Gallery, but he also has a body of work in woven wire, such as this "Barbie Doll" made completely out of woven chicken wire with a green dress of barbed wire because "Every Girl I know has a few sharp edges!" 
Another example of Craig's work is this sculpted hand created from concrete holding one of his Copper turbines. 
Feeling landlocked at his Tennessee home with so much work to do, Craig moved to his current home in Alabama where he sells at outdoor art festivals across the country, and has narrowed his locations down to the very best, including Harvest Gold Gallery. 
We invite you to join us at Harvest Gold Gallery to view Craigs work and learn more about his adventures at our Gallery location on Rt 5 in Center Lovell, ME. 


Friday, August 9, 2013

Jean Franz Miller and The Tale of Cursive Writing

Jean Franz Miller is a local artist at Harvest Gold Gallery whose beautiful paintings are featured on our walls. Since Jean was a child, she has loved creating art and has never veered from her love and desire to be an artist. Although she went to college in Gettysburg as an English major, she also took whatever art courses were available and took advantage of any opportunity to learn more. When Jean finished college she got married and began teaching art in elementary schools. Jean had to stop teaching in order to raise her four children, but slipped away to whatever bedroom, basement, or studio that was available for her to paint or make art in. Although Jean had loved being a teacher, she was driven to art because to her it wasn't a hobby, but a compulsion. For her, art is an absorbing passion and joy that nothing can replace.  She couldn't help herself but to find ways to paint even when times were rough.

Jean loves to learn more about the world around her and likes to express the geology of the world through her art. Jeans passion for painting followed her across the world as she traveled to places such as Portugal, Italy, France, England, China, and eventually here in the state of Maine. Jean came to Maine for the first time 59 years ago and had her honeymoon on Kezar Lake. For 50 years Jean had been coming to Lovell as guest until finally one day her son was offered the lot that they had been visiting and they moved in. Jean now resides on the lake during the summers and at her other home during the rest of the year.

Jean expresses her love of the world and knowledge in her paintings with her vast range of destinations and locations. Even though Jean has learned a lot from her teachers in times past, Jean has come to believe that the bulk of learning derives from the experience that takes place in ones own head. Jean believes that her trips to museums around the world, art studies in books and magazines, as well as many trials and failures have brought her have more expertise, maturity, and eventually competence.

When Jean came to visit Harvest Gold, she shared her love of art with me, but also helped me learn something new. Jean has written in cursive her entire life, and when I explained to her that the school curriculums no longer teach cursive she was baffled. In our history, cursive had been developed into the form we use today in the early 17th century, and has been taught ever since until the 21st century. So Jean sat down with me and explained how cursive works, and a few days later dropped off a sheet that she made me with the alphabet and a phrase that I can practice my cursive with. Jean has so much love and compassion and I appreciated her taking the time to help me learn something that is very important to her. I learned something new that day, and Jean got to share some of her knowledge with me that I will now have forever. Jean will never stop teaching and learning, and even more she will never stop her true absorbing passion of creating beautiful art.

Please Contact Harvest Gold Gallery for more info on Jean Franz Miller or any of our other artists, or come visit us in Center Lovell, Maine. 
Located on Route 5 in Center Lovell Maine, Open Daily.

Contact us Phone: 925-6502 or Email:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cards Galore at Harvest Gold Gallery

Summers here and its that time of year where people travel far and wide and end up here in beautiful Center Lovell, Maine. Here at Harvest Gold Gallery we offer a wide variety of cards and post cards by local artists which really embrace the essence of Maine, and some more specifically, the essence of Lovell and Kezar Lake. 
One of our featured artist's is Tom Meriam (AKA Uncle Tom,) an artist and author who is a gallery favorite. Local to Lovell now, Tom has an avid and apparent love of nature and animals. In Toms cards we can see his connection to nature and his deep appreciation of all living things. 

Another set of cards at Harvest Gold is The Family Tree Card Collection by LS Mayer. These cards truely embrace creativity while also being fun and full of meaning. 

A portion of the proceeds are donated to relief programs and organizations. 
Another Selection of Cards at Harvest Gold Gallery is the very Three Dimensional the  Custom Cards of Maine. Each card represents the wildlife of Maine in different forms.

Next is a selection of original paintings by Andy Curran made into Cards. Many of his paintings have been put on 100% recycled greeting cards.  Each card is accompanied by a poem expressly written by Andy to reflect his feelings and impressions about the painting.  His cards are a perfect souvenir of Maine to take on your travels.

Below are 2 great examples of a selection of cards by Ortworks. All of these are original collages by Women Who Glue. These cards bring together bits of Maine scenery and wilflife while also being completely individual and creative. 

Pam Bliss is a Photographer who has turned her hobby of taking photos of the Maine Wildlife that she has always grown up with and turning those photos into snapshots of Maine to share with those you love. A Wildlife favorite is the Maine Loon, along with the Moose. Both can be found on Kezar lake here in Center Lovell Maine. 

To see more of our cards, visit us at Harvest Gold Gallery Located on Rt 5 in Center Lovell, Maine. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Designing and Creating Your Romance Momento

When Lynda was asked to create a momento of the connection of love between, we will call them Sarah and Trevor, she was delighted! The story is close to home and is what Harvest Gold Gallery is so passionate about, the beauty of our area! This couple shares the memory of meeting while paddling in their canoes down the Saco River. Obviously now a trip to remember and cherish, as this is where their journey of love together began. So personalize YOUR love story and come in to the gallery to share your story with Lynda and create the token of your love!


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