Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Plein Air artists and onlookers enjoyed picture-perfect weather on the lawns of Harvest Gold Gallery last Saturday.

 “The basis of human happiness is the possibility to be together with nature, to see it and to talk to it.” –Leo Tolstoy

Local artist Kristen Dill chose a shaded spot to 
paint Kezar Lake and the White Mountains beyond.

Tom Merriam paints Harvest Gold Gallery
and fellow plein air artist Sandy Bell.
Can you find Sandy Bell and her easel in Tom's completed
watercolor of Harvest Gold Gallery?

Stop by and see many new paintings when you are passing through beautiful downtown Center Lovell, Maine.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Plein Air Demonstration Hosted by Harvest Gold, July 26th!

Plein Air Demonstration

at Harvest Gold Gallery, 1082 Main Street, Center Lovell
Saturday, July 26th
10:00 AM-3:00 PM

The phrase “en plein air” is a french phrase that literally means “in the open air”, which describes a type of painting done outdoors. Artists have always painted outdoors, but this style became especially important for the impressionistic and barbizon styles of painting, popular in the mid-19th century. Masters such as Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir often painted en plein air and advocated for the method. The plein air approach is still popular with artists today despite the technological advancements in photography that allow many paint independently from the outdoors. Several artists displayed at Harvest Gold Gallery are avid plein air painters and on Saturday, July 26th, we will be hosting a demonstration from 10am to 3pm. We are expecting Kristen Dill, Thomas Merriam, and Nancy Trider to lead our second annual plein air demonstration and are excited to have such talented and diverse artists try their hand at capturing our lovely property overlooking Kezar lake.

Kristen Dill is an accomplished and vibrant artist, working mostly in watercolors and oil paints. She graduated with a B.A. from University of Southern Maine in 1978 and since then she’s lived in Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina. Kristen spends her summers on Moose Pond in Bridgton where she works from a porch studio overlooking the water. Her subjects are often bright floral arrangements and still lives painted in her eye-catching impressionistic style. In her artist’s statement she says she wishes to “capture the ephemeral quality of nature and make it a shared visual experience”, which she certainly does, especially in her plein air work.

"Morning Glory Mountain"

Thomas Merriam, a Maine native, grew up in York Harbor to a father who was a draftsman by trade. For hours on end his father would have him copy images from National Geographic until they were to his liking, and stressed that his son to pay attention to detail. Tom apprenticed for three years with George Carpenter who claimed to be the last surviving member of the Whiskey Water Colorist Association, and taught Tom how to use watercolors in the cold Maine outdoors. Tom is a graduate of the New England Conservatory in Boston and is a self-taught artist who has been painting for over 30 years. His plein air work is exceptional and detailed, and his style is perfectly adapted to reflect life in Maine.

"Shave Hill Farm"
Few artists capture the spirit of Maine so accurately as Nancy Trider; a lifelong artist and Leeds native. Trider was a self taught artist until she began showing her work professionally in 1981, from which point she continued developing her work with additional training. Her experience helped her gain recognition and awards, and in 2011 Nancy was accepted as a member of Oil Painters of America. Nancy currently paints with the Western Maine Plein Aire Group and says she prefers oils to watercolors for her plein aire work for their durability in the Maine outdoors. Her careful, thoughtful approach and familiarity with all her subjects is clearly visible in all her work. Nancy is a mother of three, grandmother of eight, great-grandmother of eight, and recently celebrated her 60th anniversary with her husband David.

"The Carrabassett"

For more information about our Plein Air event or the artists please visit Harvest Gold Gallery at 1082 Main Street, Center Lovell, go to our website www.havestgoldgallery.com, or call us at 925-6502. We hope to have a great turnout for the demonstration and hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The 13th Annual Artist Reception and Open House- A Success!

13th Annual Artist Reception and Open House


Last Friday, the 11th, we had our 13th annual Artist Reception and Open House, which turned out to be a great success. We had several artists around the gallery including Tom Merriam, Murad Sayen, Nancy Trider, Rebecca Klementovich, Guy Tringali, and author Robin Taylor-Chiarello mingling with our guests. Everyone loved the wine and sparkling water, and homecooked hors d'oeuvres made by Bill and our helpers.

Update: Real Maine Weddings

Real Maine Weddings

The people have chosen the bridesmaids jewelry set for Tara and Trevor's Real Maine Wedding! These gorgeous earrings and bracelet hand-picked by Tara and Trevor and handmade by Bill and Lynda at Harvest Gold Gallery will look lovely on all the girls. 

Voting is now open for Tara's bridal jewelry from Harvest Gold Gallery. Cast your vote for your favorite set here until July 24th:

Set 3
Set 1
Set 2

The winning set of jewelry will be revealed July 25th and we're so excited to see what you pick!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Graystone Masonry Sculptures featured at Harvest Gold Gallery

Joseph Gray of Graystone Masonry Sculpture 

Harvest Gold Gallery's newest outdoor sculpture artist has been working with stone for more than thirty years. As owner of Graystone Masonry Joseph Gray has traveled across the country and around the world to complete stonework and sculpture projects.  His personal highlights include inspiring work in the London gardens, on the French Riviera, and many incredible projects designed by Garr Campbell across the United States. The incredible art and architecture around the world opened Joe's eyes to what man can do with his mind and his hands and as a result he has expanded his stone work to include a passion for stone sculpture, a form which calms Joe's soul in times of stress and provides an outlet for his creativity. 

"Romance in the Garden"

Joe has been commissioned for numerous sculptures and has designed, created and sold many more. He specializes in large outdoor sculpture, abstract and realism, stone fountains, garden sculpture, interior artwork, memorials and hand carved keystones. His incredible passion for stone and love of creating with it is evident in Joe's work.

"Chief Sabbatus"

Garden sculptures by Joe Gray at Harvest Gold Gallery include two larger-than-life granite pieces: the Native American profile "Sabattus" and an embracing couple titled "Romance in the Garden,"  an iron-ore life sized red-tailed hawk and a creative and functional granite eagle bench. These sculptures among many other artists' creations, may be seen at Harvest Gold Gallery.  Stop by when traveling through beautiful downtown Center Lovell, overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.   

"I believe I will make an impact on the world with my stone sculpture. A smile and a warming of one's soul is my goal as a sculptor" -Joseph Gray

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vote for Real Maine Wedding Winners' Bridesmaids Jewelry from Harvest Gold Gallery

Lynda Rudd, jeweler/owner of Harvest Gold Gallery with Tara and Trevor
For those of you who have been following you already know that Tara and Trevor have won the 2014 Real Maine Wedding of the Year contest and that the lucky couple has been choosing wedding jewelry and gifts from Harvest Gold Gallery for their wedding in Bethel, Maine. The public has been voting to help Tara and Trevor make their choices for wedding jewelry and gifts. Now it's time for you to help them again by voting on jewelry for Tara's bridesmaids.

Tara chose three sets of jewelry at Harvest Gold Gallery. Please help her narrow it down to one set of jewelry. Vote by July 10th and the winning set will be revealed on July 11th. Tara will give the winning set to her bridesmaid's as gifts! Below are the jewelry set choices. 

Cast your vote for the set you like best here. Happy voting and congrats again to Tara and Trevor!

Set 1

 Set 2


  Set 3


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