Wednesday, August 22, 2012

            Terri Brooks, a New England Native, has new art in Harvest Gold Gallery!
Brooks studied at University of Maine, majoring in sculpture, but quickly turned to watercolors as a more suitable medium for her bright composure and passion for color. Ms. Brooks then went on to have a 30-year career teaching Art in public schools of New Hampshire. Her drive and excellence gave her the ability to start showing in national exhibits in 2001, and since that time her art has been shown in over thirty national juried art exhibits! She has received numerous awards for her work, which is cited as “soft, glowing light and the use of color granulation” 
            Brooks talks about her work, “My work is about the effects that light and atmosphere have on people and places.   I am a keen observer of the world around me. With camera or sketchbook in hand, I seek to provide myself with the visual information necessary to work from back in the studio. The summer haze, early morning mist, crisp wintery light, etc. all has a unique effect on the subject and I strive to capture that in my painting. The beautiful Mt. Washington Valley Region of New Hampshire that I live in provides me with inspiration to paint just as it has inspired many artists before me.”
            This inspiring Artist and Teacher takes home in Freedom, New Hampshire, and can be seen in Galleries including, Surroundings Gallery in Center Sandwich, NH, her Freedom studio, and our very own Harvest Gold Gallery!
Stop by and check out Terri Brooks’ new artwork! Harvest Gold Gallery is located on Route 5, Center Lovell, ME. For more information call Harvest Gold Gallery at (207) 925-6502 or online at

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lovell Brookside Weaver

Kathleen Moulton
The Lovell Brookside Weaver

Local Lovell artist, Kathleen Moulton, the Lovell Brookside Weaver has recently begun her journey into the world of art. Finding inspiration in the colors of fabric, she is able to turn rags into riches, by weaving “Rag-Rugs.” Kathleen uses all recycled materials, shopping at thrift stores for bright and beautiful colors of fabric to weave into rugs that will brighten any room.
See her Loom here! 

Kathleen became inspired when she happened upon an old loom in an antique barn, it was broken down and dusty, but because of her creative initiative she saw life left in this loom. Thus, she transformed the antique into the “Regal-Rag” maker she calls Lydia.  Her newest loom, Rosemary, she found at a clockmakers shop, she imagined the history of the loom, and all the memories made by it’s previous owners, so she named it Rosemary, which holds the meaning of remembrance, and makes “Remembrance Rugs.” 

Here at Harvest Gold Gallery we are proud to display many of Kathleen’s beautiful creations. The cheerful rugs serve not only as a functional beautiful rug, but also as a conversation piece, and an inspiration to renew what is old. Just as her rugs, Kathleen is a bright and beautiful woman, and puts love into each rug, hoping to bring joy to the home of the buyer.

Please stop by Harvest Gold Gallery on route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine to see for yourself. We are open daily and would love to see you! For more information call (207) 925-6502 or visit


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