Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lovell Brookside Weaver

Kathleen Moulton
The Lovell Brookside Weaver

Local Lovell artist, Kathleen Moulton, the Lovell Brookside Weaver has recently begun her journey into the world of art. Finding inspiration in the colors of fabric, she is able to turn rags into riches, by weaving “Rag-Rugs.” Kathleen uses all recycled materials, shopping at thrift stores for bright and beautiful colors of fabric to weave into rugs that will brighten any room.
See her Loom here! 

Kathleen became inspired when she happened upon an old loom in an antique barn, it was broken down and dusty, but because of her creative initiative she saw life left in this loom. Thus, she transformed the antique into the “Regal-Rag” maker she calls Lydia.  Her newest loom, Rosemary, she found at a clockmakers shop, she imagined the history of the loom, and all the memories made by it’s previous owners, so she named it Rosemary, which holds the meaning of remembrance, and makes “Remembrance Rugs.” 

Here at Harvest Gold Gallery we are proud to display many of Kathleen’s beautiful creations. The cheerful rugs serve not only as a functional beautiful rug, but also as a conversation piece, and an inspiration to renew what is old. Just as her rugs, Kathleen is a bright and beautiful woman, and puts love into each rug, hoping to bring joy to the home of the buyer.

Please stop by Harvest Gold Gallery on route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine to see for yourself. We are open daily and would love to see you! For more information call (207) 925-6502 or visit www.harvestgoldgallery.com

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