Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Artist Reception & Open House

Artist Reception & Open House

Welcomes Summer 2014 

Please Join Us
 13th Annual Artist Reception and Open House
Friday, July 11th
3:00pm to 6:00pm

Rebecca Klementovich 
Little River Hotglass, Stemware

Visit with friends and meet the artists at Harvest Gold Gallery's 13th annual Artist Reception and Open House.  The returning and new artists' work outside and inside the seven room gallery have amazed us again this year with their beautiful works of amazing talent.  The gallery which features handcrafted gold and sterling silver jewelry by owners Lynda and Bill is full of over 200 American artists' works of fine arts and crafts for you to enjoy!  Bill and Alison will be providing us with delicious hors d'oeurves and the girls will be pouring the wine and sparkling waters.  

New Artist: Dean McCrillis
Joe Gray

Carol Dashnall Lebaron, Fiber Arts

We can't wait to see you there!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Melissa Harris At Arabica Coffee Shop

Melissa Harris At Arabica Coffee Shop

Accomplished artist from New York, Melissa Harris, is now showing work at Arabica Coffee Shop in Portland, Maine. Her new work is a series of watercolors painted while she was in Freeport, Maine. Melissa earned a BFA degree in Painting from Syracuse University, an MFA in painting from Queens College, and in addition spent several years painting in Paris with a Fulbright grant. She describes her art making process as a spiritual journey and says "painting is my medicine…Through these decades of a sometimes erratic and ever-evolving life, painting had been the one constant. Relationships and homes have come and gone, but my paint box is always with me…. A connection to Mother Earth fuels my being and inspires [my] imagery". 

Melissa's work is also Crema Coffee in Portland and has received great feedback! An anonymous customer left their comments:

"I happened to be sitting in my favorite seat at Coffee Crema in Portland, tucked in by the fireplace where they have a plug for my PC. I sit here for hours at a time, and I was so pleased this morning to see the painting "Fleeting Moment" on the brick wall next to me, almost like it was placed here for my benefit. It's really nice. I'm not even sure exactly how to describe why I like some art over others except that I am sensitive to how a painting makes me feel. This one brings a moment of peace, which is always nice! I think it's partly the excellent play between the yellow, blue, green, and purple, and partly the thoughts it conjures up about what the girl is looking at and thinking about. She does look a bit fleeting, but committed enough to put her hands on the sill, which makes me think it was important but not life threatening. The "why" doesn't matter anyway though - it's all about the feeling I get while looking at it. A moment of calm, and a relaxing trip into her world, away from the emails and work I'm doing here.So thanks. Sorry I can't buy it. But I like it, and the moment it let me visit. (And the additional moments I took to write you and let the painting roll around in my head)."

Fleeting Moment by Melissa Harris

Visit Arabica located at 2 Free St. Portland, Maine, and Crema Coffee Shop, located at 9 Commercial Street in Portland to enjoy their menus and see more of Melissa and other artist's work.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Harvest Gold Gallery Welcomes Summer with New Artists, Website and Open House

Harvest Gold Gallery Welcomes Summer with New Artists, Website and Open House

            With the 2014 summer season also comes new growth at Harvest Gold Gallery, both inside and outside, including an updated website, several new staff members, stone sculptures blooming in the picturesque perennial garden overlooking Kezar Lake and several new artists’ work budding in the already diverse and cultivated gallery. Harvest Gold’s seven-room gallery features gold and silver jewelry made on premises as well as over 200 American artists’ works of fine arts and crafts.
            Several new artists’ work will be at Harvest Gold Gallery this season. Joe Gray of Graystone Masonry in Gilford, New Hampshire has been a custom stoneworker for over twenty years and has ventured into sculpting outdoor pieces such as bald eagle benches, Native American face profiles and life-sized embracing figures. Gordon R. Merrick of Symmetry in Wood utilizes a veneer called Amboyna from Vietnam in his manufacture of exquisite clocks and furniture. Rebecca Klemontovich of New York City and Bartlett, New Hampshire is an abstract oil painter of energy infused small to large-scale works. New acrylic artwork at Harvest Gold Gallery includes Melissa Prince’s Maine woodland birds and paintings of local flavor by returning artist Sandy Bell who also paints in oil, as does Dean McCrillis of Portland whose subjects focus on Maine outdoor living. Also new to the gallery are Nancy Trider of Leeds, Maine’s New England landscapes in watercolor, as well as her still life oils. Tennessean Carol Dashnall LeBarron is a textile artist whose dyed wool and jacquard pieces center on the beauty of the natural environment. Finally, to celebrate the beginning of the summer season, it is a privilege to share the return of the still life watercolor paintings of beloved late Jean Swan Gordon who was a passionate gardener and accomplished artist.
            Harvest Gold Gallery’s new and improved website is scheduled to be online early this summer with a modern user-friendly design for online shopping. Be sure and mark your calendar now to attend the Gallery’s long-standing Artist Reception and Open House on Friday, July 11.  This annual gathering is a chance for new and old friends to meet our staff, the artists, and enjoy artwork both inside and outside the gallery.
            Harvest Gold Gallery is located at 1082 Main Street, Route 5, Center Lovell, Maine 04016. Owners and jewelers Lynda Rasco and Bill Rudd have been designing and making jewelry for 30 years, and offering American artists’ and fine crafters’ work at their gallery since 1997. The gallery is open daily.  For more information please call (207) 925-6502 or visit


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