Sunday, March 31, 2013

Amaryllis & Weddings!
Harvest Gold is in Love with Amaryllis and Weddings and Champagne Glasses

14k Gold Wedding Bands compliment the base of a beautiful Gold stemmed wine glass

Nestled in the heart of a beautiful Amaryllis are two sweet 14k Gold wedding bands

Love is in the air for all all genders this season!

A toast to love! These lovely 14k braided bands are a perfect pair.

And a beautiful Amaryllis to top it off!
With Love from Harvest Gold 
Located in Center Lovell, Maine 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Almost April Fools!

Happy First Day of..... Spring?
Spring is that you?
Here at Harvest Gold Gallery we like to poke a little fun at the weather..hehe

But we've been busy in the workshop making pretty little things to encourage spring.
Like this Black Onyx and Sterling Silver Earring, and this beautiful aquamarine ring! 
 A variety of necklaces to enjoy, from pearls to tourmaline Harvest Gold has it all!

A beautiful Maine Tourmaline in 14k Gold with Diamonds. Yay! How beautiful! Wear it alone or as a stacking ring next to your wedding ring.
Enjoy sweet freshwater kashi pearls strung to perfection!  
Or a twisted loop 18k Gold earring to warm up these blustery early spring days.  
 Bills newest creation is this lovely sterling silver chain necklace. Perfect for any taste!
A warmer shade of freshwater kashi pearls are seen here in the sunlight!

Happy....... Spring? Everyone!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Harvest Gold Goes Trendy on " The Knot"

Puddled Gold Band and Tourmaline Engagement Ring
Green Tourmaline and Diamond Engagement Rind
Braided Gold Bands
Matte Gold Earth Bands
Puddled Gold Matching Bands
If you are a bride in the twenty first century, looking for wedding advice on color schemes, ideas on what's the latest in wedding trends, how to plan your reception and so forth, you know that all of that information and so much, much more is merely a click away when using the very trendy and top wedding-in-the-know site, "The Knot".  A complete on-line guide that takes you from the first moment you are about to say "yes" and leads you with finesse and style, fun and creativity straight down the aisle. Well, we are thrilled to say, we are happy to be part of this successful, highly connected and established site! We, at Harvest Gold Gallery, are all about weddings and creating the jewelry that will be with the bride and the groom from their "I do's" and then on to the journey in life that they share together.  When we first have the pleasure of meeting the happy couple, whether on line, or in our gallery, we are honored to be part of the story of their love. So, from our gallery in our little town in Maine, we are excited to be getting "hip" with "The Knot"!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kelly Crest

While the thrill of Etsy continues as a global attraction, at Harvest Gold, we have been delighted to be part of the trendy arts and crafts movement that is gaining momentum as it allows crafters and artists to reach people from their own home, shop, or store. 

Via an Etsy order, Lynda was asked to create a gold cut out pendant of an heirloom crest. So, she headed to the workshop to begin this process with a print out picture to set her plan and imagination rolling. Several sketches later, a design was set in place. After hours of laboring and creating, the final product was a success!

 So, if you have a design you want created, whether it is a pendant, charm or other piece, contact us at the gallery so we can start making your dreams come true!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maine Tourmaline

Just was inspired to share some beautiful Maine Tourmaline pieces by a visit from the new Maine Mineral Museum people in Bethel.  The tri-color slice is truly one of a kind, backed in yellow gold so the gorgeous colors sparkle on any outfit and skin tone.
Pretty in Pink, this Rubilite Maine tourmaline is set in rose gold custom setting with white gold prongs.
 Mint green Maine tourmaline is luscious in this cabochon style cut on Harvest Gold Jewelry's flexible interlocking gold cuff.
 There is nothing like the bight crisp blue of Maine tourmaline when cut right and set in a green and white gold contemporary ring setting by Harvest Gold Jewelry.
 White gold and Maine watermelon tourmaline accents the blues and pinks.

 Watermelon slices in yellow gold brings out the natural colors of Maine tourmaline.

Stop by when you are in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, Maine on Route 5 overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.


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