Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Almost April Fools!

Happy First Day of..... Spring?
Spring is that you?
Here at Harvest Gold Gallery we like to poke a little fun at the weather..hehe

But we've been busy in the workshop making pretty little things to encourage spring.
Like this Black Onyx and Sterling Silver Earring, and this beautiful aquamarine ring! 
 A variety of necklaces to enjoy, from pearls to tourmaline Harvest Gold has it all!

A beautiful Maine Tourmaline in 14k Gold with Diamonds. Yay! How beautiful! Wear it alone or as a stacking ring next to your wedding ring.
Enjoy sweet freshwater kashi pearls strung to perfection!  
Or a twisted loop 18k Gold earring to warm up these blustery early spring days.  
 Bills newest creation is this lovely sterling silver chain necklace. Perfect for any taste!
A warmer shade of freshwater kashi pearls are seen here in the sunlight!

Happy....... Spring? Everyone!!

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