Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maine Amethyst

Beautiful Maine amethyst sitting in a perfect pink peony surely will brighten this dreary winter day.

Sunkissed skin and gold with a Maine amethyst nestled in will warm your memory of thoughts of warm  days.

Weathered white fences baked from the hot afternoon sun sparkle with gold and Maine amethyst earrings.

Maine amethyst with diamonds makes a truly unique engagement ring special because it comes from Maine.
Loving the white winter that makes the summer so special here in Center Lovell, Maine overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains of Western Maine.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Steve Pinkham

Maine Woods Enthusiast, Steve Pinkham
 is exhibiting his "Old Tales of the Maine Woods"
Harvest Gold Gallery!

Steve grew up in Western Maine, hearing old stories of hunting and fishing, and has spent much of his life hiking, paddling and discovering the many wonderful places in the backwoods of Maine. He is quick to tell you his many wonderful "stories within stories" as he sits any passerby down for a (tall) tale.

Having spent the past ten years searching for articles and books, following up on clues, and spending a vast amount of hours in libraries and historical societies, he published his first book, Mountains of Maine in 2009.

Harvest Gold is now featuring "Old Tales of the Maine Woods" 
and at a discounted price! 
regularly 24.99 now only 19.95!

 Selecting from his vast collection for this book, he now spends his time writing and publishing articles and books about the Maine Woods from his home in Quincy, Massachusetts. 

Stop by Harvest Gold Gallery for your copy today, located in the White Mountains in Center Lovell, Maine on Route 5.
Call or click today!
(207) 925-6502

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Post winter open house

The Winter Open House was a Blast!

In the rain and the snow Harvest Gold warmed their Gallery and poured their wine, and welcomed the guests to celebrate the beautiful art and jewelry. 
Many local artist's came out of their studio's for this event, and we had the pleasure of featuring and meeting Murad Sayen, new artist to Harvest Gold Gallery

 featured here, Murad Sayen Oil Painting
 Harvest Gold Gallery has an open house to celebrate the beauty of art and jewelry that shines through the cloudy and darker days of winter.
Harvest Gold will be open all winter so please stop by any time. 
Come and enjoy the beautiful White Mountains that will soon be covered with snow and the view from Harvest Gold of Kezar Lake frosted over and glazed with ice. 
call or click today:


Friday, November 30, 2012

Murad Säyen, new artist to Harvest Gold Gallery!

Murad Säyen 
Local South Paris Artist
is a 
New Artist to Harvest Gold Gallery!

Check out his beautiful works,
 or just come into the Gallery and see for yourself!

A beautiful scenery view from Murad's eye.

The autumn harvest as told by Murad

 A master and his pal go for a paddle, a beautiful look at companionship

"Fryeburg Fair"
The scene we "Mainers" have come to know and love

"Sunflowers and Lemons"
Bright and cheery, blues and yellows, my favorite flower!

Stop by Harvest Gold Gallery any day, right in the heart of Center Lovell Maine on Route 5. Kezar Lake and the White Mountains are sure to take your breath away. 
Call or click:
(207) 925-6502
or on the web at:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gallery Open House Party!

Are you ready for a wine tasting, jewelry gazing, artwork appreciating, appetizer enjoying celebration of all things ART? 
If so, head on over to Harvest Gold Gallery on December 2nd from 1-5pm and enjoy!
Located on Route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine, overlooking beautiful Kezar Lake, you are sure to have a fantastic evening.

Find dazzling pearls for winter, 

Or a lovely pair of 14k Gold earrings centered with a blue Maine Tourmaline jewel, 
pictured on Mahina

And Winter is the season for love, so get your personalized wedding bands!
Pictured here: 14k double hammered Gold ring with Maine Pink Tourmaline jewel.

And don't forget about the ART
A lovely winter time piece by Tom Merriam pictured here.

Find these and many many more, at Harvest Gold Gallery, open daily, in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, Maine over looking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.
Contact us:
(207) 925-6502

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tom Merriam, AKA Uncle Tom Merriam, Our Local, Diverse Artist

Tom Merriam, AKA Uncle Tom, artist and author, is a gallery favorite. Local to Lovell now, Tom has an avid and apparent love of nature and animals. From his carved bears, to his miniature bird watercolors, to his remarkable wildlife paintings, we see his connection to nature and his deep appreciation of all living things. In his children's books, Tom combines his humor and wit with his understanding and respect of wild animals.
Tom is a natural when it comes to taking time to share a tale. In the "Lucky Lou" painting he tells the story of when he was a fifteen year old boy out in his row boat. On that particular day, he saw an unclothed woman jumped off the dock, much to his surprise. Even more surprising was when she swam to his boat and climbed right on in! Tom likes to say, "All stories are true, some just actually happened!" Now that we have your interest peaked, stop in and see the large display that we have of Tom Merriam's paintings, carvings, cards, books, and more at the gallery. You won't be disappointed and who know what stories you may walk away with?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A weekend in Miami, what can be more exciting in November, especially if you live and work in Center Lovell Maine. 

 Farmer's market full of food you would never find in Maine.

Shoes that are very unique.

Gold Jewelry at the jewelry stores that advertise in 2 languages.

Pink is the color of choice.
Gold was the jewelry of choice.

 Interesting tradition in Latin folks called Quince.  15 year girls have coming out parties and go to be photoed in beautiful locations.

Formal gardens surround the antique mansion Viscaya on Biscayne Bay.

As fun and warm and exciting as Miami is I was happy to be home to work on some new exciting jewelry ideas.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

 A Good Collection for Fall

Who doesn't love a family gem set in a contemporary setting to wear everyday!

Love is always in order with cutout hearts in yellow gold.

People love loons.  They are all white this time of year on the lake, getting ready to fly to open water for the winter.

Stars and the moon and sailboats to feel free and connected all at once.

Lovely Maine tourmaline set in 14k yellow gold by own very own Lynda.
So many fun ideas.  
Thanks Raina for the great pics!  (Doesn't the milkweed make this jewelry look elegant?!)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby Rings!

Big news for little ones!

Harvest Gold Gallery is now making baby rings!

For your special little one, a perfect baby shower gift, 
this little ring is made to last a lifetime.

Lynda has been down in the workshop creating and brainstorming and coming up into the Gallery teeming with excitement!
Her lastest and greatest however, has wowed us all.

This sweet baby Devon models his Yellow Gold Ring

White Gold, Yellow Gold, or Silver- your baby will shine.
Wear it as a pendant to remind yourself of the infant days, and keep this memory forever. 

This special little piece Lynda did for a family expecting a little baby boy. 
His initials were carved into a pendant for mom to wear, 
and a ring was made for him as he will grow into it. 
A very sweet piece for an expecting family.

Stop by Harvest Gold Gallery today to custom order your baby ring, or pendant memorabilia. 
Call: (207) 925-6502
email: harvestgold@fairpoint.net
on the web at: harvestgoldgallery.com
Stop by, open daily. 


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