Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby Rings!

Big news for little ones!

Harvest Gold Gallery is now making baby rings!

For your special little one, a perfect baby shower gift, 
this little ring is made to last a lifetime.

Lynda has been down in the workshop creating and brainstorming and coming up into the Gallery teeming with excitement!
Her lastest and greatest however, has wowed us all.

This sweet baby Devon models his Yellow Gold Ring

White Gold, Yellow Gold, or Silver- your baby will shine.
Wear it as a pendant to remind yourself of the infant days, and keep this memory forever. 

This special little piece Lynda did for a family expecting a little baby boy. 
His initials were carved into a pendant for mom to wear, 
and a ring was made for him as he will grow into it. 
A very sweet piece for an expecting family.

Stop by Harvest Gold Gallery today to custom order your baby ring, or pendant memorabilia. 
Call: (207) 925-6502
on the web at:
Stop by, open daily. 


  1. I normally store my jewelry in their original packaging if it did come with a box or small bag. Then I would put it in the drawer in my nightstand that I have in my closet. I know I'm odd but it makes great storage space in the closet haha! And with the jewelry that doesn't have any packaging such as the costume ones, I just throw it into the drawer with the pile. Then later I will regret it because I'd have to untangle all the necklaces haha!!! But yeah from all the stuff that I bought at DSK Jewelry is still in their cute pink box.

    And hi! Hope you're doing well :)

    Fort Lauderdale jewelers

  2. Thanks for the information about storage of gold jewellery. Really very helpful.



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