Friday, May 30, 2014

Joining The Harvest Gold Team: Thea!

Joining The Harvest Gold Team: Thea!

I'm so happy to be joining Bill and Lynda just as summer rolls in. Being an avid art-lover, starting work at the Gallery has been great just to be around so much beautiful scenery, artwork, and craftsmanship. My favorite parts of the Gallery are the back rooms, full of paintings and other art, usually lit with gorgeous natural light from the large back windows (which give a great view of Kezar Lake and the mountains).

I've been living in Fryeburg since I was three, and just last Sunday my friends and I graduated from Fryeburg Academy- just a a little ways from Harvest Gold. It's been great to finish that chapter of my life and begin moving on to higher education. I'll be majoring in fine arts at Alfred University next fall, and I'm grateful to be able to continue working with art in a new way here at the Gallery this summer.

I'm looking forward working with Bill and Lynda and playing a part in maintaining this beautiful space. Look out for new posts by me on our blog, Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter. This summer is going to be a good one! Stop in to say hi, see the flowers blooming, and take a look at our new treasures here at Harvest Gold Gallery! 

Loon Nest on Kezar

Loon Nesting Platform Project

Recently Lynda volunteered her time to assist with the placement of several platforms for nesting loons on Kezar Lake. Last summer a committee from the Kezar Lake Watershed Association determined that although the adult loon count has remained stable there has been a reduction in chicks each year. 

The scarcity of chicks prompted the committee to place nesting platforms on the water. Nesting platforms are small floating square islands that rise and fall with water levels and are covered to help deter predators from taking eggs or chicks. Since placement of the platforms is critical, the committee, including Lynda, spent time finding locations protected from human disturbance and/or near known nesting sites.

 There are seven platforms on Kezar Lake as well as one on Bradley Pond and one on Horseshoe Pond. If you see a loon using a platform please give it plenty of space.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Mother of a Craft Fair and Festival May 11

Maine Tourmaline jewelry by Harvest Gold Jewelry
makes a memorable Mother's Day gift.

from Harvest Gold Gallery

Please join
Brownfield, Maine
SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2014 
10 AM TO 3 PM 

Great gift ideas, music, and sustenance!
  • Two giant rooms of local crafters and artisans presenting their wares...including Harvest Gold Gallery! Come shop for Mom, or let her pick out her own gift!
  • Live music from Lay-Z-Gait Western Swing Band and Irish Band the Press Gang
  • The SMAC kitchen will be serving lots of great edibles and their bar will have some special libations for the holiday.

ADMISSION PRICE: $6.00 (under age 10 free)
Click to order tickets online

More Mother's Day gift ideas from Harvest Gold Gallery…

14k Gold Dome Heart Earrings

Blackberry Salt & Pepper Shakers by by Glass Act

Dragonfly Garden Stakes by Cricket Forge Metal Works

Sterling Silver White Mountain Bracelet

Nathan Macomber Handblown Glass Tumblers


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