Friday, May 30, 2014

Loon Nest on Kezar

Loon Nesting Platform Project

Recently Lynda volunteered her time to assist with the placement of several platforms for nesting loons on Kezar Lake. Last summer a committee from the Kezar Lake Watershed Association determined that although the adult loon count has remained stable there has been a reduction in chicks each year. 

The scarcity of chicks prompted the committee to place nesting platforms on the water. Nesting platforms are small floating square islands that rise and fall with water levels and are covered to help deter predators from taking eggs or chicks. Since placement of the platforms is critical, the committee, including Lynda, spent time finding locations protected from human disturbance and/or near known nesting sites.

 There are seven platforms on Kezar Lake as well as one on Bradley Pond and one on Horseshoe Pond. If you see a loon using a platform please give it plenty of space.

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