Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Color at Harvest Gold

 What a lovely fall season we have had so far.  The loons are mostly  gone now with only a few leaves left on the trees.
 Watermelon tourmaline set in white gold the birthstone for October.
 Upcycled diamonds from Grandmother's past in wearable stackable  yellow gold.
 Blackberries are long gone as well, but remembered in these fun glass salt and peppers.
 There is something about dragonflies.  People love them.
 I just can't get enough of these tourmaline colors!
 Beads and carvings, this gem is most versatile!

 Nathan's glasses are the best.  Add color everyday.

 And back to trees.  Feeling blessed to live in such a beautiful land.
Inspired the Tree of Life Collection.
Open daily.  Stop in when you are in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.


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