Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maine Amethyst

Beautiful Maine amethyst sitting in a perfect pink peony surely will brighten this dreary winter day.

Sunkissed skin and gold with a Maine amethyst nestled in will warm your memory of thoughts of warm  days.

Weathered white fences baked from the hot afternoon sun sparkle with gold and Maine amethyst earrings.

Maine amethyst with diamonds makes a truly unique engagement ring special because it comes from Maine.
Loving the white winter that makes the summer so special here in Center Lovell, Maine overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains of Western Maine.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Steve Pinkham

Maine Woods Enthusiast, Steve Pinkham
 is exhibiting his "Old Tales of the Maine Woods"
Harvest Gold Gallery!

Steve grew up in Western Maine, hearing old stories of hunting and fishing, and has spent much of his life hiking, paddling and discovering the many wonderful places in the backwoods of Maine. He is quick to tell you his many wonderful "stories within stories" as he sits any passerby down for a (tall) tale.

Having spent the past ten years searching for articles and books, following up on clues, and spending a vast amount of hours in libraries and historical societies, he published his first book, Mountains of Maine in 2009.

Harvest Gold is now featuring "Old Tales of the Maine Woods" 
and at a discounted price! 
regularly 24.99 now only 19.95!

 Selecting from his vast collection for this book, he now spends his time writing and publishing articles and books about the Maine Woods from his home in Quincy, Massachusetts. 

Stop by Harvest Gold Gallery for your copy today, located in the White Mountains in Center Lovell, Maine on Route 5.
Call or click today!
(207) 925-6502

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Post winter open house

The Winter Open House was a Blast!

In the rain and the snow Harvest Gold warmed their Gallery and poured their wine, and welcomed the guests to celebrate the beautiful art and jewelry. 
Many local artist's came out of their studio's for this event, and we had the pleasure of featuring and meeting Murad Sayen, new artist to Harvest Gold Gallery

 featured here, Murad Sayen Oil Painting
 Harvest Gold Gallery has an open house to celebrate the beauty of art and jewelry that shines through the cloudy and darker days of winter.
Harvest Gold will be open all winter so please stop by any time. 
Come and enjoy the beautiful White Mountains that will soon be covered with snow and the view from Harvest Gold of Kezar Lake frosted over and glazed with ice. 
call or click today:



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