Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Craig Riches at Harvest Gold!

Hello from Harvest Gold!

We were so excited to welcome back Alabama artist Craig Riches to the gallery this summer. Craig is a longtime friend and featured artist here at Harvest Gold. If you have visited our gallery before you are sure to have seen his mesmerizing twirling wind sculptures in and around our store.

Craig immersed himself into the world of sculpting after needing a break from his music career over 15 years ago. He began working with copper, hammering and sculpting the material into kinetic shapes that take on a life of their own when combined with the gentlest of breezes. The response to his art was immediate, after only two weeks of sculpting he found himself being asked to display his art in three galleries. Since then his talents have evolved into a full time career and include work in wire, concrete, and water fountains.

There is something very philosophical in Craig's designs, and after spending just a little bit of time with him it becomes easy to see that his art reflects his personality. "The hardest thing for me, is to START something, but yet, after I do, the PATHWAY has always provided the many insights that have, over the years, shaped my fundamental view of the world. Ideals like quality and grace and balance, the ability to listen and feel, have all come in due course, as my path  has created an ever growing connection with the universe." Those ideals of quality, grace and balance are unarguably present in Craig's art, and we are honored to have him as a part of our gallery.

When Craig originally brought his designs to us at Harvest Gold Gallery, Lynda and Bill shared a common interest in the flow and movement of the shapes that create his sculptures. Their original earring designs have a similar structure, and although they don't spin in the wind, the earrings give off a feeling of movement much like Craig's sculptures. This similarity gave the three an instant connection, and many talks of technique and artistry laid the foundation for a longtime friendship.

This year Craig brought some stunning new creations that you will find adorning our front yard, as well as a new stock of the designs he has been creating for years. He also brought his lovely friend Cheryl who we were so happy to meet. This was Cheryl's first trip to the Northeast, and she seemed amazed with her surroundings here (minus the mosquitos). She graced us with her true southern charm, and we were happy to show her the beauty that is Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.

Stop By Harvest Gold Gallery and see Craig's work in person!


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