Thursday, January 31, 2013

Michael Tatom at Harvest Gold Gallery

Michael Tatom: Master Jeweler and Sculptor, has many magnificent works in Harvest Gold Gallery just waiting to be marveled at!

"...he has become known for his unique, elegant, contemporary designs, featuring exacting craftsmanship."

(Pictured here his Master Jewelry)

In 1994 Tatom brought a new form of art into play. 
He began casting and sculpting animal figurines from Bronze metals. “In these animals he has magically captured the  shape and movement of the animals through a simple, graceful technique.”

"The main focus of my work is to translate into bronze the essence of the animal, to capture some movement or instinct and present it in a simple stylized form. The last, and one of my favorite parts of the process, is the patina. There are so many variables. The different colors and textures have a dramatic effect on the feel of the finished sculpture."

This Curious Bronze Fox has sculpture lover's heads spinning!  

A fine detailed Polar Bear sniffs around,
another model of Tatoms success. 

 Please come by and enjoy the pleasure of seeing the small animal sculptures we carry by Michael Tatom.
Located on Route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine we are Open Daily and would love to see you!
Contact: (207) 925-6502 or

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gay Freeborn @ Crema!

Local Maine Artist Gay Freeborn 
now has beautiful art up in 
Crema Coffee Shop! 

Come out and enjoy a delicious cup of Crema coffee while surrounded by sweet paintings like the one above, this black Lab's just beggin for you to come see him!

Crema is located on Commercial St. in Portland and is a delicious addition to your day, with fresh roasted coffee beans, homemade food and a glimpse of the talent that Maine holds, with Freeborn's work gracing the walls.  

Sisters Cathy and Lynda work together to create a warm welcoming and nourishing experience that epitomizes our Maine lifestyle.

These three friends wonder if you'll come join them for a cuppa joe?
Looks like this guy could use an expresso,
 make it double!

Can't get all the way to Portland, but want a great cup of coffee?
Fresh roasted Arabica coffee can be found at Harvest Gold Gallery, located on Route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine. Open Daily, so stop by and pick some up!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Love is in the air!

Harvest Gold Gallery is feeling the love, after having just celebrate 16 years of business,
 and Valentines day on the way, 
we think it's just the time to show how much we love you, and we have you all the gifts you need to let your sweetheart know you love them!  

Harvest Gold Gallery is dedicated to bringing about the love, from our various Sterling Silver and 14k Gold heart cut out accessories, to our lush assortment of paintings to fit the mood, and even Maine Tourmaline to  sparkle and shine on your
 loved one. 

A beautiful blush Rose by Joelle Goff is just the thing to bring romance around 

These 14k Gold heart earrings and necklace will dazzle and glow on all those who wear them! 

Pink Tourmaline in Gold is the perfect surprise this Valentines day!

And our Sterling Silver heart ring 
is a sure sign to show your girl how much you care.

So stop by Harvest Gold Gallery today to see our variety of hearts in Silver and Gold, and all the rest of our jewelry made with love! Take your sweetie to our archway overlooking Kezar Lake to show her the second most beautiful sight in the White Mountains, her being the first of course. Located on Route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine. Call or Click today: (207)925-6502 and 

Lucky Ducks & Glass Act

In need of some spice in your life?

Lucky Ducks  Salt and Pepper Shakers
 could be just the thing!

These cute little Salt & Pepper shakers are a perfect gift, will fit in to any home with their versatile design and can be enjoyed by all. 

“These gems are the collectibles of today and the antiques of tomorrow.”

From sweet farmhouse Chicken and Egg
Seasonal Cardinal and Blue Jay 

To elegant Hibiscus Flower shakers 

Fun Polka Dots and Stripes

Lucky Ducks has been glassblowing since the early eighties, and prides themselves on producing the highest quality glass art at prices you can afford. 

Order on line at our website or
just come in to Harvest Gold Gallery to see our wide selection!

Located in the beautiful White Mountains on Route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine. 
Contact us for ordering information:
phone: (207)925-6502
Or just stop by, open Daily!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Arabica & Crema Coffee Shops in Portland

Wanna cuppa Joe? 
but no ordinary cuppa Joe? 
The tantalizing,aromatic,intoxicating flavors of Arabica roasted Coffee served up right at Arabica Coffee Co. is the place for you!
Located on 2 Free St. Portland, 207-899-1833

The skilled and groovy barista's at Arabica are proud to serve up delicious cups of coffee, tea, and delicious treats daily. 

Crema uses Arabica roasted coffee, a company just down the street who roasts high quality coffee beans to perfection. 
Crema is located on Commercial St. in Portland, just a hop skip and a jump from Arabica. 

Don't have time to travel to Portland? Or rather grind and serve your own? You're in luck, Arabica's owner, just happens to be sister to Lynda Rasco, owner of Harvest Gold Gallery. So you can bet we sell fine bags of Arabica coffee right here in the White Mountains.
Located on Rt. 5 in Center Lovell, Maine.
Call or Click today
(207) 925-6502

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Harvest Gold Celebrates Equality

 Celebrate Equality in Maine with beautiful wedding bands 
for all!  

Harvest Gold Gallery has an all new line of couples wedding bands for men and women!
 Not only does Harvest Gold Gallery have your perfect wedding bands, they also have a gift registry for your guests, for one of a kind, American Made, beautiful treasures that are simply irresistible for your celebration.

Need a place to have your wedding? Harvest Gold Gallery has a beautiful venue overlooking the White Mountains and Kezar Lake. We would be happy to have your ceremony here. Harvest Gold Gallery's backyard- pictured right, could be the perfect place to hold your ceremony.

Call or click today!
(202) 925-6502 
Located on Rt. 5 in Center Lovell, ME

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Joelle Goff

“Standing behind my easel, my palette filled with rich color, music filling my heart and mind, I paint a painting and can only hope to convey my gratitude for all of life's gifts.” - Joelle Goff

Talented artist Miss Joelle Goff Graces Harvest Gold Gallery with her flowery presence from within 
her exceptional paintings. 

 "Fainting Tulip" to the right, is an incredible example of her talent with acrylic paints, manipulating light and dark to create the perfect balance to enhance the falling flower's beauty.
"Amaryllis in Sunlight" 
Another of Joelle's beautiful pieces that light up any home. This incredible painting is waiting for you at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Stop by today to enjoy more of Joelle's exceptional paintings and more than 200 other artist's works as well. 
Located on rt. 5 in Center Lovell, Maine. Nestled into the White Mountains.
Call or Click today.
(207) 925-6502 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lynda and Bill Sweet 16

Pictured here, present time
Pictured here, 1986

 Lynda and Bill's 
Sweet 16 
Harvest Gold Gallery! 

This Christmas Eve, Eve Lynda and Bill will be celebrating sixteen years of owning and operating Harvest Gold Gallery!

Sixteen years ago this Christmas eve, eve Lynda and Bill opened their little Gallery in the snowcovered White Mountains of Center Lovell, Maine. 

And since their Gallery has bloomed into what Yankee Magazine Calls "Best Gallery with a view" and what was also called "just like visiting a little museum!"

So stop by and enjoy the beauty of the land as well as the beauty of the gallery, we'd love to see you!

phone: 925-6502 email:


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