Thursday, January 31, 2013

Michael Tatom at Harvest Gold Gallery

Michael Tatom: Master Jeweler and Sculptor, has many magnificent works in Harvest Gold Gallery just waiting to be marveled at!

"...he has become known for his unique, elegant, contemporary designs, featuring exacting craftsmanship."

(Pictured here his Master Jewelry)

In 1994 Tatom brought a new form of art into play. 
He began casting and sculpting animal figurines from Bronze metals. “In these animals he has magically captured the  shape and movement of the animals through a simple, graceful technique.”

"The main focus of my work is to translate into bronze the essence of the animal, to capture some movement or instinct and present it in a simple stylized form. The last, and one of my favorite parts of the process, is the patina. There are so many variables. The different colors and textures have a dramatic effect on the feel of the finished sculpture."

This Curious Bronze Fox has sculpture lover's heads spinning!  

A fine detailed Polar Bear sniffs around,
another model of Tatoms success. 

 Please come by and enjoy the pleasure of seeing the small animal sculptures we carry by Michael Tatom.
Located on Route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine we are Open Daily and would love to see you!
Contact: (207) 925-6502 or

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