Saturday, January 5, 2013

Joelle Goff

“Standing behind my easel, my palette filled with rich color, music filling my heart and mind, I paint a painting and can only hope to convey my gratitude for all of life's gifts.” - Joelle Goff

Talented artist Miss Joelle Goff Graces Harvest Gold Gallery with her flowery presence from within 
her exceptional paintings. 

 "Fainting Tulip" to the right, is an incredible example of her talent with acrylic paints, manipulating light and dark to create the perfect balance to enhance the falling flower's beauty.
"Amaryllis in Sunlight" 
Another of Joelle's beautiful pieces that light up any home. This incredible painting is waiting for you at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Stop by today to enjoy more of Joelle's exceptional paintings and more than 200 other artist's works as well. 
Located on rt. 5 in Center Lovell, Maine. Nestled into the White Mountains.
Call or Click today.
(207) 925-6502 

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