Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gay Freeborn @ Crema!

Local Maine Artist Gay Freeborn 
now has beautiful art up in 
Crema Coffee Shop! 

Come out and enjoy a delicious cup of Crema coffee while surrounded by sweet paintings like the one above, this black Lab's just beggin for you to come see him!

Crema is located on Commercial St. in Portland and is a delicious addition to your day, with fresh roasted coffee beans, homemade food and a glimpse of the talent that Maine holds, with Freeborn's work gracing the walls.  

Sisters Cathy and Lynda work together to create a warm welcoming and nourishing experience that epitomizes our Maine lifestyle.

These three friends wonder if you'll come join them for a cuppa joe?
Looks like this guy could use an expresso,
 make it double!

Can't get all the way to Portland, but want a great cup of coffee?
Fresh roasted Arabica coffee can be found at Harvest Gold Gallery, located on Route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine. Open Daily, so stop by and pick some up!!

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