Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'Tis the Season of Trees

In the spirit of the holidays I have been a busy little elf down in my workshop making tree of life jewelry

(tree earrings and pendants before the ear wires are attached & trees waiting to be shipped)

The tree of life jewelry collection celebrated its' 25th anniversary this year. After 25 years of hand-sawing the tree design I can practically do it with my eyes closed now!

Bill and I are so happy to see our jewelry worn by our customers. Now, more and more we catch people walking the streets in our famous tree of life earrings. 

Tree of Life
An ancient symbol of mankind's existence on earth, growing towards an understanding of peace, balance, and unity in life, with hope and l
love for all.

Happy Holidays!

Best Wishes,
Lynda & Bill


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