Friday, November 30, 2012

Murad Säyen, new artist to Harvest Gold Gallery!

Murad Säyen 
Local South Paris Artist
is a 
New Artist to Harvest Gold Gallery!

Check out his beautiful works,
 or just come into the Gallery and see for yourself!

A beautiful scenery view from Murad's eye.

The autumn harvest as told by Murad

 A master and his pal go for a paddle, a beautiful look at companionship

"Fryeburg Fair"
The scene we "Mainers" have come to know and love

"Sunflowers and Lemons"
Bright and cheery, blues and yellows, my favorite flower!

Stop by Harvest Gold Gallery any day, right in the heart of Center Lovell Maine on Route 5. Kezar Lake and the White Mountains are sure to take your breath away. 
Call or click:
(207) 925-6502
or on the web at:

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