Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cards Galore at Harvest Gold Gallery

Summers here and its that time of year where people travel far and wide and end up here in beautiful Center Lovell, Maine. Here at Harvest Gold Gallery we offer a wide variety of cards and post cards by local artists which really embrace the essence of Maine, and some more specifically, the essence of Lovell and Kezar Lake. 
One of our featured artist's is Tom Meriam (AKA Uncle Tom,) an artist and author who is a gallery favorite. Local to Lovell now, Tom has an avid and apparent love of nature and animals. In Toms cards we can see his connection to nature and his deep appreciation of all living things. 

Another set of cards at Harvest Gold is The Family Tree Card Collection by LS Mayer. These cards truely embrace creativity while also being fun and full of meaning. 

A portion of the proceeds are donated to relief programs and organizations. 
Another Selection of Cards at Harvest Gold Gallery is the very Three Dimensional the  Custom Cards of Maine. Each card represents the wildlife of Maine in different forms.

Next is a selection of original paintings by Andy Curran made into Cards. Many of his paintings have been put on 100% recycled greeting cards.  Each card is accompanied by a poem expressly written by Andy to reflect his feelings and impressions about the painting.  His cards are a perfect souvenir of Maine to take on your travels.

Below are 2 great examples of a selection of cards by Ortworks. All of these are original collages by Women Who Glue. These cards bring together bits of Maine scenery and wilflife while also being completely individual and creative. 

Pam Bliss is a Photographer who has turned her hobby of taking photos of the Maine Wildlife that she has always grown up with and turning those photos into snapshots of Maine to share with those you love. A Wildlife favorite is the Maine Loon, along with the Moose. Both can be found on Kezar lake here in Center Lovell Maine. 

To see more of our cards, visit us at Harvest Gold Gallery Located on Rt 5 in Center Lovell, Maine. 

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