Saturday, August 10, 2013

Craig Riches and his Hypnotic Sculptures

From the Gulf of Alabama, Craig Riches came all the way to Harvest Gold Gallery in Center Lovell, ME  to share his Handmade Copper Kinetic Sculptures. 
With 15 years of creativity, Craig Riches has mastered the art of scuplting and is here to share his talent with the public. 15 years ago at his home in Tennessee, Craig needed a break from his music career and out of the blue felt a random compulsion to create sculptures. With no previous artistic background or training, within 2 weeks of sculpting Craig was already in 2 or 3 galleries across the country. With food as his motivation, his vision for  sculpting was rapidly growing until one day he found himself selling in almost 50 galleries throughout the country. 

Craigs sculptures or "turbines" catch the wind and spin in hypnotic motions that always sooth and intrigue its viewer. The Copper is treated with various patinas and are hand etched with a variety of custom designs. Constantly experimenting with his designs, Craig has been known to spray his sculptures with Miracle grow and to soak the copper in ammonia to achieve the desired affect he wants.

Craig not only creates Kinetic Copper Sculptures such as the ones displayed at Harvest Gold Gallery, but he also has a body of work in woven wire, such as this "Barbie Doll" made completely out of woven chicken wire with a green dress of barbed wire because "Every Girl I know has a few sharp edges!" 
Another example of Craig's work is this sculpted hand created from concrete holding one of his Copper turbines. 
Feeling landlocked at his Tennessee home with so much work to do, Craig moved to his current home in Alabama where he sells at outdoor art festivals across the country, and has narrowed his locations down to the very best, including Harvest Gold Gallery. 
We invite you to join us at Harvest Gold Gallery to view Craigs work and learn more about his adventures at our Gallery location on Rt 5 in Center Lovell, ME. 


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