Friday, August 9, 2013

Jean Franz Miller and The Tale of Cursive Writing

Jean Franz Miller is a local artist at Harvest Gold Gallery whose beautiful paintings are featured on our walls. Since Jean was a child, she has loved creating art and has never veered from her love and desire to be an artist. Although she went to college in Gettysburg as an English major, she also took whatever art courses were available and took advantage of any opportunity to learn more. When Jean finished college she got married and began teaching art in elementary schools. Jean had to stop teaching in order to raise her four children, but slipped away to whatever bedroom, basement, or studio that was available for her to paint or make art in. Although Jean had loved being a teacher, she was driven to art because to her it wasn't a hobby, but a compulsion. For her, art is an absorbing passion and joy that nothing can replace.  She couldn't help herself but to find ways to paint even when times were rough.

Jean loves to learn more about the world around her and likes to express the geology of the world through her art. Jeans passion for painting followed her across the world as she traveled to places such as Portugal, Italy, France, England, China, and eventually here in the state of Maine. Jean came to Maine for the first time 59 years ago and had her honeymoon on Kezar Lake. For 50 years Jean had been coming to Lovell as guest until finally one day her son was offered the lot that they had been visiting and they moved in. Jean now resides on the lake during the summers and at her other home during the rest of the year.

Jean expresses her love of the world and knowledge in her paintings with her vast range of destinations and locations. Even though Jean has learned a lot from her teachers in times past, Jean has come to believe that the bulk of learning derives from the experience that takes place in ones own head. Jean believes that her trips to museums around the world, art studies in books and magazines, as well as many trials and failures have brought her have more expertise, maturity, and eventually competence.

When Jean came to visit Harvest Gold, she shared her love of art with me, but also helped me learn something new. Jean has written in cursive her entire life, and when I explained to her that the school curriculums no longer teach cursive she was baffled. In our history, cursive had been developed into the form we use today in the early 17th century, and has been taught ever since until the 21st century. So Jean sat down with me and explained how cursive works, and a few days later dropped off a sheet that she made me with the alphabet and a phrase that I can practice my cursive with. Jean has so much love and compassion and I appreciated her taking the time to help me learn something that is very important to her. I learned something new that day, and Jean got to share some of her knowledge with me that I will now have forever. Jean will never stop teaching and learning, and even more she will never stop her true absorbing passion of creating beautiful art.

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