Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Increase in Demand for Jean Swan Gordon Paintings

Hello from Harvest Gold!

We have an update for all of our customers regarding our collection of original Jean Swan Gordon paintings.

With the ever-growing popularity of Mrs. Gordon's beautiful paintings, we have been advised by her family that by Labor Day there will be a price increase to help keep up with that demand. 
Jean's paintings are among our very favorite here in the gallery, with their bold colors and beautiful lines. Each one invokes a strong sense of season and emotion, as Mrs. Gordon drew and painted flowers from her own gardens here in New England. 
There will be an $800 increase on the medium size (33"x26") paintings, and on the larger size (48"x34.5") the increase will be between $800 and $3000, depending on the painting. Lynda has already adjusted the prices on our website, but during the next 10 days we are offering our customers the original listing price. 
Stop by the gallery today to take another look at Jean's beautiful work, while it's still here. There are only a number of paintings left in her collection, and with the current popularity and demand we feel it safe to say that they won't be here for long. 
Over the years we have had many of Jean Swan Gordon's paintings in our gallery. We are grateful for having the opportunity to enjoy and share her art with numerous others. If you are as in love with these paintings as we are, don't wait.

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