Monday, July 26, 2010

Green Beans Year Round with Bill's Kitchen Tips


From the garden to the freezer with this large amount of green beans we'll be eating home grown garden fresh green beans all winter.  It's been a great year for the garden with the early spring and hot sunny days this year, thus we have an abundance of green beans.

Bill's best tip for savoring your green beans year round is quite simple.

1. Pick all your green beans when they're ripe and wash all dirt off

2. While you're washing your beans have a full pot of water heating to a boil

3. Also be sure to have a full bowl of ice water close by

4. When the water boils carefully add all the beans and bring back to a boil

5. Once the boil returns quickly remove and strain the beans

6. Add the strained beans to the ice water and gentle toss until cold

7. Remove beans from ice water and prepare the beans either French cut or Julian cut

8. Pack and store beans in freezer bags in the portions you desire

9. Store in freezer until ready to use on that cold winter day and simple place frozen beans in boiling water

10. When water returns to a boil your beans are ready to strain and eat!

Stay posted for more helpful garden and cooking tips from Bill!

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