Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Delicate, Pink, and oh so Elegant - The Pink Lady Slipper arrives in Full Bloom

We took a little hike up our neighboring mountain, Sabatus Mountain, here in Center Lovell this week. What a lovely surprise just before reaching the summit we were greeted by the pink lady slippers that lined the pathway and sprouted up deep in the woods. A member of the orchid family, the pink lady slipper is a rare sight and is listed as an endangered species in many northern states.

The lady slipper has been an inspiration to artists for centuries with it's beautiful delicate shape and continues to be one of New England's unique motifs.

Silver Lady Slipper Pendant

Lady Slippers, Original Oil By: Andy Curran

One of our favorite painters and Maine local, Andy Curran, depicts our forest scene perfectly in one of his paintings that we currently have on exhibit in the gallery.

How does the lady slipper inspire you? 

14k Gold Lady Slipper Earrings

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