Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Style with Harvest Gold Jewelry

Spring style has always included pearls.  
Big white fresh water pearls with classic gold hoops,
 accented with a suspended pearl makes a classic look, new.

Gold daisies set with pearls in the center Gold daisies set with pearls in the center and a flirty handmade 14k gold chain,

Ready for work or play!

Color for spring with Maine tourmalines set in 14k yellow gold.
Maine tourmaline in bright green and deep red set with diamonds or without, 
cuff in 14k rose gold and yellow gold, 
comfortable custom fit and made to last generations.
   Handmade gold bracelets to stack with textures and grace.
Rose pink cabochon cut Maine tourmaline with classic link bracelet in yellow gold.

Pretty in Maine green tourmaline and interlaced gold hoops.
Stop by and say hello when in lovely downtown Center Lovell, 
overlooking Kezar lake and the white mountains.


  1. Indian Gold Jewelry as specified before are crafted depending on the regions, lifestyle and cultures. Most of them have respected values attached to them as well. Southern part of Indian is known to produce jewelry that is according to larger forehead centered styles while northern Indian, especially Jaipur is well-known for personalized styles like minakari and enamel work.


  2. Gold Jewelry is created in different types with different Gold Content in them. Some Gold Jewellery are created of 24 Karat Gold attractive the best price. Other techniques of creating Gold jewellery involve creating Jewelry using other less expensive materials like gold, precious metal, Birdwatcher and other materials and then getting them covered with Precious metal.




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