Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Art in the Gallery

All Kinds of New Art in the Gallery!
WOW, Harvest Gold has an incredible selection right now, ranging from beautifully handcrafted Jewelry, to the finest sculptures, to our very own local artist's beautiful paintings, 
and even a few from away.

Varvara Harmon has painted some of those special spots we all know and love.

This landscape by Bonnie Ferguson catches your eye in the evening sunlight.

Joelle Goff brings this striking presence of a "Fainting Tulip" into the gallery, a large scale painting sure to embellish any room. 

Sandy Crowell shows off her talent with this interesting and beautiful piece. The gatherer sits quietly, creating a sense of stillness and vitality for any wandering eye.

Gay Freeborn captures the spunky spirit of this little dog                    
contrasted with the checkerboard floor, to create this fun 
portrait that will put a smile upon any dog lover's face.
Wade Zahares makes you smile with his beach lover's fun pastels.

Varvara Harmon has some new pieces where she captures the light in a very unique way.

At last Joelle Goff shines again in her magnificent portrait of this flower.
The lighting and shadowing of this photo is incredible and will brighten any spot.

Come on in to Harvest Gold Gallery and find out why we were voted Best Gallery with a View by Yankee Magazine.
On Route 5 in Center Lovell, Maine overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains
Open Daily
Contact us at: (207)-925-6502


  1. Very nice pictures. My pearl wedding jewellery shop girls will surely like this. Its very artistic and relaxing as well.

  2. Wow!! These paintings are just looking amazing. Really liked them and want to attend an art show that will soon take place at one of event space Chicago. I love art and visiting art galleries. Few days ago went to an art show and really had great time there.



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