Monday, June 24, 2013

Local artist Cole Scott now showing at Harvest Gold Gallery

Now showing at Harvest Gold Gallery new local Artist Cole Scott and his photographs on metal.
With an enticing new form of photography, local artist Cole Scott is a recent addition to Harvest Gold Gallery’s 2013 artists. Scott’s photography introduces prints that represent a new art medium, with photos that are infused into a metal base. The dyes are imbued into the surface of specially coated aluminum sheets rather than on top of them, creating more vibrant and luminescent colors with unparalleled detail and resolution. The benefits of infused metal printing provide not only luminescent images and brilliant colors, but also the prints durable archival quality, and ultra-hard, scratch resistant, weatherproof/waterproof surface. Scott has lived in multiple locations throughout the U.S., but has now take residence in the Mount Washington Valley location of New Hampshire.

 Scott’s love for photography began years ago when his family left him with camera equipment when he was young, but moved away from photography when he lost it all in the flood on the Kentucky river. Twenty-five years later he was re-inspired to take up photography and started traveling with his camera and equipment ready in hand. Since he moved to the Mount Washington Valley, all of Scott’s new photography has been shot in Maine and New Hampshire locations such as the West Side Road in North Conway, Purity Springs in Eaton, Jackson Village,  Glen, and the White Mountain National Forest. Although he has shot photography across the U.S., Scott finds himself more comfortable and at home with “…photographing the simple, unadorned segments of everyday life” in his New Hampshire location. Scott’s beautiful, colorful, and meaningful photography can be viewed daily at Harvest Gold Gallery on Route 5 in beautiful downtown Center Lovell or on the Web at

Stop by when you are in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, Maine overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.

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