Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sandhill Crane Sighting at Harvest Gold Gallery

Sandhill Crane, Lovell, Maine, photo by Lynda Rasco

Yesterday Lynda and Bill saw the first of the snowbirds return to visit Harvest Gold Gallery when a sandhill crane was spotted behind their gallery. According to an ornithologist friend this species of crane normally prefers a reedy environment, so a sighting in a field is rare. Perhaps this fella is nesting along the nearby Saco River? In any case, it reminded us that nature is often an inspiration for artists in their respective mediums. In honor of Poetry Month we're sharing a poem about sandhill cranes by Mary Austin, as well as images of Harvest Gold Jewelry's inspired by our feathery friends.

The Sand-Hill Crane
WHENEVER the days are cool and clear,
The sand-hill crane goes walking
Across the field by the flashing weir,
Slowly, solemnly stalking.
The little frogs in the tules hear,
And jump for their lives if he comes near;
The fishes scuttle away in fear
When the sand-hill crane goes walking.
The field folk know if he comes that way,
Slowly, solemnly stalking,
There is danger and death in the least delay,
When the sand-hill crane goes walking.
The chipmunks stop in the midst of play;
The gophers hide in their holes away;
And 'Hush, oh, hush!' the field-mice say,
When the sand-hill crane goes walking. 

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