Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ice Fishing at Harvest Gold Gallery

Ice fishing is a favorite winter pastime here in Maine.  At Harvest Gold Gallery it can be experienced out back on frozen Kezar Lake or inside the warm showroom, through the beautiful oil paintings of Dean Mccrillis.  Deans' oil impressions present well defined subjects with  balanced composition.

Dean captures the technicalities perfectly, the auger, the tip-up, the bait bucket, the hole , the cooler, and the catch. The interplay of color and the way he develops the light in his work allows you to feel the chill in the air and the enthusiasm of ice fishing.

 Dean said,"I didn't realize there was so much color in snow."   There are no less than ten different colors  in his snow.  He is an award winning art student at University of Southern Maine where he is a senior working on his BFA.

Many anglers build accommodations to shelter them from the elements.  The buildings are referred to as ice shacks and can be placed in communities or set where ever one likes as long as the ice is thick enough.  Ice fishing can be a social event while catching fish with family and friends.  Wonderful picnics are had with grilled foods, soups, salads and beverages.  All the while keeping an eye on the tip-ups' orange flag to indicate a catch.

The shanty can be as elaborate  as the builder desires. 

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