Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer in Maine, artist spotlight- Diane Scott

The summer season has begun here at Harvest Gold, and the crowds have started visiting the gallery and our beautiful views. To start off the summer blogging on the right foot, we'd like to spotlight an artist who expertly captures the beauty of New England seasons - the lovely painter, Diane Scott!

Diane is a Canadian traveler who has spent a great deal of time in New England and America painting the sights. She practices plein air (outdoor) painting and is no stranger to the annual plein air painting event we host every summer. Diane's education includes Ecole Louis Riel, St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada RN from St. Boniface Hospital Three Schools of Art in Toronto, Canada, Bachelor Fine Arts from Herts College of Art and Design in St. Albans, England (now Hertfordshire University), and her list of accolades is extensive. 

Our favorite things about Diane's paintings are the way she captures the natural lighting that is so important to creating an atmosphere in the painting. Her brushstrokes remind us of impressionists, the masters of capturing light. We love Diane's ability to capture the simplistic beauty of New England. So much of being a New Englander is appreciating the beauty of the everyday around us!
Stop by the gallery to see more of Diane's work, or visit her website: Remember keep in touch with us to hear about upcoming summer events, including the plein air event! 

1 comment:

  1. Her paintings are really impressive and depicts the real side of life. The scenes are taken from the real life and she knows the art of infusing life in them with the wonderful colours and lighting effects.



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