Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Colors of the Season

  Take a look at all the vibrant color in these gorgeous new photos of our handcrafted wedding bands!  
The spectacular beauty of Lovell Maine's nature come alive here at Harvest Gold Gallery, reflected in each stunning piece of jewelry.

Hand forged parallel lines in green gold, rose gold, and yellow gold reminiscent of a Maine sunset.From two lives grows a new horizon to envision.

The past, present and future are beautifully mastered in this classic look. The outside rails of this band are high polished rose gold, while the center is a horizontally textured pattern of green gold. 
or...change the color of gold to suit your  style!

A joining of white gold and yellow gold in this ring can be suited for a groom as well as a bride's band, bringing together those that like to wear both colors of gold!

White gold woven in the traditional Celtic 4-strand braid for the bride. 

Yellow, Rose and White 14K gold make up this hand braided tri colored ring.  It can be customized in any color combination you choose.  This classic and beautiful pattern represents the trilogies of life and is a beautiful symbol to represent your own union!

We love working with the bride and groom to design their matching or unique rings.

Delicate and sweet, just like a first kiss- is our beaded 1mm band in a feminine rose gold.
Rose and green 14 kt gold make up this ring that puts a creative twist on a traditional band. The width is 7mm and can be matched for the lucky groom!

And of course every lady needs a piece of silver in her collection this season!

Bill spends hours thinking, brain-storming, crafting, and creating his amazing sterling cuffs. Each new style that comes to us from the work shop never fails to make us "oooooo" and "ahhhhhh" as we are delighted with every new creation!
We love the hammered look that gives dimension and dynamic to this lipped cuff.
This hammered cuff is just simply perfect!

Just simply elegant with a non-main stream flair, this sterling cuff increases in width as it curves around your wrist.

Forver a classic, this puddled sterling cuff is fit for any ocassion and suits any age!

So, as we have offered a very small visual sample of what Bill and Lynda have been busy creating, we hope you will venture in to Harvest Gold Gallery to see what other treasures have been created and to welcome the 2014 wedding season! 

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