Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Murad Sayen: Painting From The Heart

Murad Sayen at Harvest Gold Gallery
Murad Sayen is an oil painter based in Maine whose job has been to tell stories with his brush about what it means to be a human on earth in the 21st century.  By portraying ordinary people doing mundane things in everyday places, Murad’s hope is that the observer will be aware of the preciousness of every moment in life; for in every moment there is a source of knowledge that can give us a sense of peacefulness.

Murad also paints still life objects that convey the message of the simple power of beauty.  As Murad explains, we intuitively know from early childhood that beauty touches our heart and pulls us into the moment.

Several of Murad’s oil on panel paintings reside at Harvest Gold Gallery, including the still life Bittersweet and The Boat Ride.  Both paintings are framed.  About Bittersweet, the artist says he enjoyed painting the various items and was inspired by the way the bittersweet almost floats across the scene.  The Boatride is a painting about the love of a man and his dog. The artists’ effort was to capture the exchange of glances between them and some sense of how much they trust one another.

Born in 1945, Murad grew up in New Jersey, the oldest son of a manufacturer.  After spending three years in the U.S. Army Infantry, '64-'67, he attended a major state university where he majored in philosophy of ethics.  Murad has had a lifelong interest in history, particularly that of the Holocaust and aviation in the European theater of WWII.  For many years he was a craftsman of international reputation of one-of-a-kind ‘art knives’.

Besides being a master landscape and nature photographer, Murad is a writer and has published two novels and a photography book. Above and Beyond is a WWII era historical fiction novel and Skana is an ‘eco-thriller.’  The photography book, Maine, the Home Place, was published in 2003 and features ninety-six breathtaking and provocative color images.  These days, Murad’s writings are more along the lines of blogging and essays on art and society, some of which may be viewed at

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