Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Trend Alert! This Season's MUST HAVE Jewelry: Romantic Rose Gold

This Season's MUST HAVE Jewelry: Romantic Rose Gold

Maine Ice Blue Tourmaline
This pink-hued precious metal is making a comeback that is here to stay! To be honest, how could it not, this happy accident is a fashionista's dream come true! Universally flattering, perfect to mix and match, layer and stack! With our recent trip to California, this color trend was popping up everywhere, from handbags to belts and shoes no wonder this rose gold trend is on the rise, and here at Harvest Gold Gallery we're staying on top of it! With Fall upon us, we're looking through rose colored lenses from our sweetly feminine and vintage designs to our more modern and organic creations.

Ladies Rose Gold Solitaire Ring

Pink is the color of Romance


Gold is a symbol of Strength

Rose Gold is the new "it" metal

We love working with our clients to create personalized hand carved cut-out rings.

If you were wondering whether Rose Gold is the color for you, indeed it is. Subtle and classy on anyone, and perfect for weddings due to its inherent romantic feel.

His and Hers Triple stacked wedding bands

Combining metals is a beautiful way to create a natural, everlasting contrast.

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