Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Color in Maine Tourmlaine

It's lovely here in downtown Center Lovell these days.  Birds are back singing and the streams are running.  We hope to see the end of this years ice soon! 
 Speaking of ice, a blue ice color, that is, this deep ice blue Maine tourmaline has a diamond on each side to give it that extra sparkle. 
We have been working on new ideas for setting all our beautiful Maine tourmalines.  This new bracelet design fits close and comfortable with easy on, safe wearability and easy off.  The gorgeous Maine Rubellite is perfect center stage on your wrist.
The line between blue and green is blurred with these lovely Maine tourmalines together on a white gold band.  Depending on the light, the surrounding colors they dance between blue and green.  Like Kezar Lake when the ice is gone and the tall pines reflect their green hues, the sky it's many shades of blue, together on the sparkling surface of the ice free water.
Funny all the colors you see with these Maine bright blues and rich Rubellite tourmalines set together with white and yellow gold.  The pink has flashes of purple and orange.  The blues flicker sparks of bight purple and white.  And as always they change with their surrounding light and color.
Here they are all together.  I couldn't resist.  The golds are all different colors too.  Winter can be fun in the jewelry studio!
Cabochon style cut bright pink Maine tourmaline set in yellow gold has hints of orange and red.  
Peach or champagne?  Or both!  Designer cut flawless Maine tourmaline with diamonds in yellow gold.  Rich with colors and sparkles, every angle a new delight.  This ring is fun to wear driving in the sun!
I'm ready for another fun day in the studio discovering what the gems want to be when they are set.  
Stop by when you are in beautiful downtown Center Lovell on route 5 overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains to see all the colors!!

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