Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Fever in Center Lovell

Hello there! Alison here, itching to hang up my cooking apron and get back into the swing of things for the summer season at Harvest Gold Gallery! It was a beautiful winter in Bethel, but nothing beats Kezar Lake in the summertime.

Captain especially missed the gallery, namely his Bill & Lynda, so today we decided to take a trip out to see what was happening in and around the store. We brought our new friend Scout along for the ride. We rescued Scout from Georgia in February with the help of The Pixel Fund. He has no idea how much fun he is in for this summer, so we decided to give him a little preview!

First on the agenda was a walk down to the lake. The ice is almost out, most of it seems to be hiding right in our little cove. It was so windy that we could see white caps nipping across the lake, but the sight of that open deep blue water was refreshing.

On the way back we took a meander over to Bill’s garden, where there were little garlic tops already poking up through the soil. The peach tree is budding, and the blueberry bushes look promising.  It really is spring!!

In the gallery we got a look at the Spring Craft Fair Schedule, checked out some beautiful new pieces that Lynda has been hard at work creating, and got David Dupree’s paintings ready for their arrival at Arabica Coffee Shop, in Portland Maine. 

Maine Tourmaline ring in 14K White and Green Gold

A few of David Dupree's paintings, simply exploding with color and texture

It was great day to be in Center Lovell! Captain, Scout and I are really looking forward to this summer!! See you at the Gallery!

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