Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Harvest Gold Gallery Engagement!!!

 Harvest Gold Gallery has it's first engagement!!  Kate and Brad came in and wanted a local gem handcrafted into her engagement ring.
She wanted it to be special. 
We recycled her diamonds from an old ring and added a Maine Amethyst.
He slipped it on and....

She had a family ring made to fit him so he could have an engagement ring too.

She slipped it on and..

I asked for a pic of their hands, and Kate's little pink socks showed!
So of course, we had to document that.

A toast of Apple juice and a strawberry to celebrate a new adventure!!

Look at Grand-mom's amaryllis and Varvara's painting of roses to add some flowers to a perfect engagement.  Thanks for letting be a part of your special day Kate and Brad!


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