Friday, June 29, 2012

Wedding at Harvest Gold Gallery

Wedding at Harvest Gold Gallery

On Saturday June 23rd Craig and Megan joined together in marriage 

in the field behind Harvest Gold Gallery

A sweet little girl looks at the art and flowers, where so many are captivated by the beauty of the gardens

The chairs were set, and the couple was ready, but the rain had other plans for the day
It was pouring rain the morning of the wedding 
and the Bride and Bridesmaids hid out in the cars parked by the Gallery

Some of the guests and guests of honor made their way inside the Gallery to escape the rain and enjoy the art

Finally, just in time, the clouds broke and the sun shone through, making way for a beautiful bride and a lovely wedding procession

The bride and her brides maids were a beautiful sight, illuminating even the cloudy skies

The sweet flower girls littered the ground with petals, through the arbor, where the bride and groom would take their vows

The couple retreated from the aisle, back through the arbor, as Man and Wife

It was a lovely time for all, at the Gallery overlooking Kezar Lake, 
 in beautiful Lovell, Maine.

To plan your wedding at Harvest Gold Gallery, contact Bill and Lynda at 207-925-6502
or simply stop by the Gallery located on Route 5 in Center Lovell Maine.

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