Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mother's Day!

Hey  Mama, hey hey Mama! 
Thanks for everything you do.
Hey Mama, hey hey Mama you're the one who makes skies blue.
Hey Mama, hey hey Mama don't ya know that I love you!


Here at Harvest Gold we are all about celebrating Mothers and giving them exactly what they deserve. In our cases we have tourmaline, diamonds, pearls and more! Silver and Gold to fit her ever stylish taste. Paintings and Glasswork and Paperweights and beauty galore!

 Jewelry from pearls to tourmaline rings to Gold dangles and bangles! Come and see. 

Or some beautiful Joelle Goff paintings to brighten up the rooms! 

So bring your mothers! Bring your grandmothers, bring your mother's mothers and father's mothers and enjoy! Harvest Gold is teeming with beautiful items to celebrate the amazing woman in your life!
Located on beautiful Kezar Lake in Center Lovell Maine on Route 5.
Call or Click today.
(207) 925-6502 

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