Friday, April 12, 2013

Think Spring!

Our Latest Wave Wedding Band
Finally, a warm breeze swirls around the gallery, the fall leaves blow away from the tender crocus and green daffodil shoots, snow piles slowly melt away, even a passing convertible goes by with the top down, and our spirits lift. Finally, Spring is here for real! Bill put out a vibrant new "OPEN" sign, Lynda hung a fish wind sock to fill a corner of the house with color. The crocus are blooming. I think the allusive "Spring" is finally here to stay. So, with fresh beginnings, we have some new pieces that we want to share with you from the work shop. We look forward to another amazing season and hope we will see all of you soon!
Our Colorful Fish Sock

First Spring Blooms

Our New Open Sign!
Fresh Design for Spring

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