Monday, April 15, 2013

One of Our Favorite Retirees, Jean Swan Gordon, Final Days at Our Gallery

Jean Swan Gordon
About twenty five years ago Jean Swan Gordon, an accomplished painter of landscapes, interiors and figures in oils and pastels started something new. A passionate gardener, she began to paint portraits of bouquets of garden flowers and wild flowers in ink and watercolor. Gordon states, “I had become fascinated by line, and flowers were a natural subject. I could explore the intricacies and the variety of line and color and, at the same time, celebrate my love of gardening and nature.” Mrs. Gordon uses only stark white paper as the background of her bouquets, allowing the personality of the flowers and vessels to radiate and imply season, quality of light and emotion. She only paints bouquets in front of her, and since she has been a full time New England resident, her paintings have taken on an even stronger seasonal feeling. They are casual bouquets, not formal arrangements. The same flowers and vases appear again and again but like a repertory company of actors, in each painting they play a different role.
We have had Jean's paintings in the gallery for many years,and have been honored to have had that privilege of her water color garden bouquets gracing our walls . We have been grateful for being able to share her art with numerous others. The last three pieces will be leaving our gallery shortly and will certainly be missed! Thank you for letting us be part of such a delightful experience in loving your work and you!

East Boothbay#3

Summer Bouquet


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